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Post by Captain Rose on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:04 pm

In the mean time, Ruby and Dimitri where looking over his bike. For some reason the whole time they were completely hung up on the bike they didn't know what happened on the front steps of the Institute.

"Miss Blackthorn, what exactly are you doing?" A voice questioned from behind her and Dimitri. Ruby knew that voice and her face became hard and cold. She would pay for this later.

"Nothing much Harmony." Ruby replied dryly hoping to get across she wasn't in the mood to talk. Yet knowing Harmony she would only make matters worse because Ruby didn't want to talk.

"Hm, I see but in case your wondering why I came out here it's because Pearl got attacked. You care about her don't you? Or are you too busy talking to this boy to not even notice a warlock come here and disturb our peace? When did you become such a flirt? Tell me Miss. Blackthorn." Harmony narrowed her eyes at Ruby.

"Harmony, you know warlocks. They like to surprise you. Pearl? What happened? She's not one to mess with warlocks. Oh I better go check on my blonde." Ruby ignored the rest of it even though it did bother her. Warlock attack... must have something to do with Dimitri being here. Leaving the glossy black bike behind she headed to check on her friend.
Well that was until Stephen found her, completely heated. Not because of her this time she sighed in relief. That meant he has yet been to his room to lay on his bed... let's just say he'll find that surprise later.

"Ruby! Where have you been?! You idiot girl! Pearl got injured because of your stupid ass!" He hissed at her.

Ruby eyes opened wide in shock,"My stupid ass fault? Really? Okay. Yes, now blame me for your terrible aim with it comes to throwing knifes too. You are such a kid. Blaming everything on others when in reality it's your fault. I am going to go see Pearl now."

"Oh shut up! No wonder why nobody wants you around! Pearl doesn't even want to see you! Nobody will ever want you." He yelled. Stephen was blinded by anger. All he wanted was to get back at that warlock for hurting his parabatai. When so outraged he said rude things, that he meant. Ruby knew him that well... but that didn't stop her from her knowing his secrets.

Instead of responding back like he wanted her to, she stepped closer to him so there was no space between them. Her eyes stared straight into him reading him like a bill board sign. Stephen couldn't break his eyes from hers. He couldn't read her... she was so closed off to him. Which bugged him. The girl with crystal blue eyes that he felt drawn to since he first meet her. Yet, he knew nothing about her. Not even her favorite color. Who is Ruby Blackthorn? I must know.

"What's your favorite color?" He asked her out of the blue.

Ruby stepped back curious to such a random question even when he is still angry,"Colors are all the same to me. They all bore me."

Stephen shook his head."That can't be true. You must have a favorite col-" Suddenly his question was stopped when Ruby stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. He felt blood rush to his cheek but then stepped away knowing what she's trying to do. "Ruby... how can you be with someone yet not know them in the slightest?"

Ruby closed her eyes,"I knew this would happen..." She whispered. Stephen would soon one day want to be closer to her and know more about her. Yet, she forbid it. No one could get close to her or they would to be in danger. Something told her that warlock that came is one after her. This place isn't safe for her anymore. Not as long as she's here. She ran for the front door and opened it to a familiar face. Ruby turned pale white. Oh. Kill me now.

"Ah. My jem is here too. If I can't have my son then your friends can't have you." He chuckled as he pulled Ruby to his chest and disappeared. He left a note behind for someone to find. Ruby tried to fight back but, he eventually put a spell on her to make her pass out.

Stephen ran after her but, he was too late when he reached the door. He looked all over but, found a note instead.

Dear Shadow Hunters,
Give me my son. And I'll give you back your Ruby in one piece. I'd hurry because there are many "fun" things I'd like to do with Ruby. Which I know you won't like Stephen. Oh! Hope your healing extremely well Pearl.
Your favorite warlock,
Robert : )
P.S. Meet me at the graveyard at dusk with my son.

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Post by Tessa Herondale on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:39 pm

She heard the beeping like it was from a far off distance. At the end of a tunnel maybe. And a voice.
"This is your fault. Pearl could be dead, and Ruby's gone, all because of you. It would've been better if we let you die!" Was that Stephan? It had to be, Dimitri was elsewhere. What did he mean Ruby was gone?
"It's not my fault. I didn't know he was a warlock in the first place, how was i supposed to know he would come attack this place! Why did she answer the door?" Dimitri. Definitely Dimitri, she'd know that voice anywhere. What was he talking about? She had to wake up. Had to ask.
"Alright, shut up bike boy. I can hear Pearl waking up." Stephan snapped.
"How can you hear anything over the sound of your arrogance?" Dimitri was in a bad mood. Obviously.
"Just shut up! Pearl, are you alright? Can you hear me?" Pearl tried to respond. Her mouth wouldn't cooperate with her, though. She tried again.
"Ruby?" she asked.
"No, no, we're Stephan and Dimitri." Dimitri said, obviously confused on what she meant.
"Dimitri's dad showed up again, after i put you in the hospital wing. He took Ruby, and threatened to-" he stopped. "Anyway. We have to take Doctor Dumbass here to the graveyard tonight, to get her back. Unfortunately, he's being difficult, so we'll probably have to knock him out to-"
"We're not giving him up." Pearl interrupted. Her voice was raw, and scratchy, but she had to speak up, or Stephan would start being all stupid and stubborn. Again.
"What?" Dimitri this time. She opened her eyes, and looked at him.
"We're not sending you back. It's dangerous. Besides, if you leave, i have to go back to trying to drag Stephan or Ruby to my clubs. You have to stay." Pearl was adament. They were not giving him up.
"Pearl, how could we possible get Ruby back, and keep bike boy?" Stephan was ticked off, Pearl could tell. But, she didn't care.
"We're shadowhunters. If we can't handle one warlock, who we're all quite pissed at, because he stole our Ruby, then we obviously can't do much at all." Pearl coughed, and Stephan handed her a cup of water. She hated how much her hands shook.
"Pearl, you're still too weak for this! You can't go, and it's not like we have much time for you to get better. The only person who can go to this is me, and maybe Harmony." Stephan actually looked concerned, a look he reserved for Pearl alone.
"Um, excuse me? What about me?" Dimitri chimed in. He'd been sitting in the chair the whole time, head in his hands.
"You don't have the training, you'd just be a liability, and you know it. You're staying with Pearl." Stephan glared at Dimitri, daring him to disagree.
"Actually, Pearl is going with you! Don't you listen to me?" Pearl interrupted the two, before things got too bad.
"You can't even stand up! How do you propose this happens?" That was Dimitri. Why did he care if she could move?
"Oh, i'm sure you two are familiar with the art of blackmail. Do you really think he wants it out that he injured a shadowhunter, and kidnapped another? He'd have the whole clave coming down on us, not just us. We stall for a week. He trains, i regain strength, we come up with a plan, and we get Ruby back, and keep Dimitri." Pearl was glad she sounded confident. She wasn't quite sure she felt that way.
"You expect that to work?" Dimitri was incredulous.
"Well, duh. I made up the plan, didn't i? Of course it'll work." Pearl smiled at them. Then a sudden thought hit her, and the smile slid off her face. She turned to face Stephan.
"Oh, man. You remember." Stephan grimaced.
"Remember what?" Dimitri asked.
"Did he survive? My baby?" Pearl was afraid she already knew the answer, but she was trying to fool herself otherwise.
"I'm sorry Pearl. I'm so sorry." From his pocket, Stephan pulled out an iPod, smashed beyond any kind of repair. All three thousand songs from every era of time you could think of, lost. Pearl dropped her face into the pillow, and tried not to hear Dimitri laughing in the backround.

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Post by MyNameIsAlan on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:58 pm

Baring with laughter he tried to hold it in and kept a smirked face to cover it up. Wow, who knew such tough shadowhunter that took a blow from a warlock can be so fragile when it comes to an iPod, Dimitri thought to himself, hmph, it's actually kind of cute.

For some reason he felt relieved that she wanted him to stay. Since the attack, his life was never the same again and these people somehow end up inside of Dimitri's jacked up world. Maybe it's not so bad to stay here. [i]No, I shouldn't get attached to this place. Everyone hates me and my father knocked Pearl out, threatened Stephen, and kidnapped Ruby. Why would they ever want this troublesome warlock living in their sacred home. I don't see how she'd still want me here. Looking at his watch, the day was growing older every second that passes by. After the little argument between Pearl and Stephen, him and Dimitri left the infirmary and went to the main enterance of the institute.

"I want to come," stating in a demanding voice.

"Didn't you just hear what I said earlier? You'd be nothing but a burden to us if I let you tag along. Hell, you might even get all of us killed. You already got a person injured and the other one held hostage," said Stephen.

The level of his begin to rose as he spoke, "Hey! I didn't do jack shit. It wasn't my fault that you people got me into this mess in the first place. Hell, if you guys never stole my bike, none of this would have ever happened. Don't go around blaming everyone when you haven't done anything to even help except bitching all the time."

Like the night at the club, the tension between them grew with fists locked tightly and eyes that lit fire. Unlike the club, this time there was no one to stop them. Suddenly Stephen took step forward in a threatening matter.

"You know what bike boy, as far as I know, your no less than anybody in this world. Who do you think you are to accuse me of not doing anything. Like you helped with anything at all. This shitty situation happened because of you. Once I get Ruby back, you, can take your bike and leave this place."

"That has got to be the sweetest thing you have ever said to me. I'll accept your "deal" under one condition."

"If it's something bs then no."

"Well that's just too bad because under my condition, you have to let me tag along. If I'm the issue then let me help fix the problem. Plus, I am your kidnapper's son so if I go, there's more of chance that you wouldn't get your head ripped off."

"No deal. I don't give a crap if you're the warlock's son. I can handle him myself. You're underestimating us shadowhunters and what we're capable of. So just stay here until I get back."

God damn this guy is stubborn. Never have I once stumble upon a person who can be so persistant in being an asshole. I guess it wouldn't to stay back. I mean if he gets killed the merrier it is.

"Fine. I'll accept your deal. Get back quickly so I can leave this hellhole you call home."

Without another word, he left to go somewhere else. Dimitri stood there for a moment and thought about his father. His face creased with lines that show'd his anger. He couldn't believe that this big of a secret has been kept from him for so long. Now that he looked at it, he felt kind of bad that Pearl got injured for him being here. With her suddenly coming to mind, he decided to go check up on how she's doing. When she woke up earlier, all they talked about were Ruby and what happened but he didn't really get a chance to apologize.

I wonder why she was so quick in defending me. I never really did anything for her except put her in the hospital, thinking to himself.

As he was walking towards the room Pearl stayed in, he begin to feel a little upset. Deep down, Dimitri honestly didn't really wanted to leave this place. It's not a hellhole, he just said it because he was in the heat. In reality, Dimitri wanted to stay here longer but he had no idea what's keeping him from leaving. He finally reached to turn and took three knocks before he heard a distant voice calling out,

"Come in," Pearl said in a weak voice. "Oh, hi Dimitri. I heard shouting in the main entrance and I'm guessing you just lost the argument considering you're here and not out there.

He saw her lying on the bed with her broken iPod in her hand.

"Maybe I just came here to see you," he said in a joking way. Even though for some reason Dimtri kind of meant it. "Sadly, that stubborn douche bag refuses to let me go so I have to stay here until they get back." A sudden came to mind and he asked her, "Say, why do you care so much about an iPod? I mean, it's just music isn't?"

Looking down at her smashed ipod she answered, "Well that's because music is like my life. I thrive upon it. It has helped me through the worse and plus it's just so amazing to dance to. Who wouldn't love music?"

"You're an odd girl Pearl."

Hm, music is like my life huh. Interesting. He then thought of an idea but realized it might not be a right thing to do.

"How can you be so calm when Ruby is in danger. Shouldn't you be fighting your way into letting you go? Then again, you're like so beaten up it's not even funny. I wouldn't let you go anyway."

"You wouldn't let me go? Who are you, my mother? I can do whatever I want. Beside, I'm not calm, I'm furious. But I can't do anything about it as you can tell from the position I'm in."

"I'm not trying to be bossy, I just car-." Stopping mid sentence he recollected his thoughts.

"Err,I just don't want Stephen to start whining like a kid about you trying to save Pearl while you can barely walk around."

"Oh, I see. Stephen can be quite agressive with things when he doesn't get what he wants."

"I can tell. Well uhm I need to use the bathroom real quick so I'll be back in a sec."

"Alrighty then. Don't yourself into trouble."

Dimitri got up from his seat and walked towards the door. "Don't worry, I can use the bathroom without burning down the insitute." He felt a smile lifted from her face but he didn't turn around to check so he just left and closed the door.

Man what the hell was I thinking?! That I care about her? I looked so stupid back there. Taking one last look at her door, he walked off in the opposite direction.


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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:00 am

(Okay y'all this first part will be in Stephen's point of view then I'll go into Ruby's.)

Stephen was surprised in how dramatically his life changed in a matter of hours. Especially to the people he cared about, Ruby and Pearl. Inside he couldn't help but feel shaken up. He could of lost either on of them today. Yet, as if luck were on his side one only got zapped and but his luck only went so far. Ruby was taken from him so easily. It was as if she were the cookie and he was the little kid. Some big bad bully came a stole his special cookie and he'd never get it back. But, little did he realize that that cookie was never his in the first place. Everything in his being felt like she was always his. She's mine. His mind told him.

This feeling for Ruby started the first day he saw her. It wasn't one of I saw her and fell in love kind of moment it was one of those who the fuck is this girl and why did she steal my seat moment.


Stephen went to the local diner, Granny's. He had a long night of training and boy he was famished. The best part about Granny's is if you were an regular they knew exactly what you wanted when you walked through the door. All Stephen had to do was take his seat in his usual spot and wait for his food to come. Well, he wasn't able to sit down because a light brown, blue eyed girl sat in his seat as soon as he placed his hand on it.

"Excuse you." He snapped," I was about to sit there."

The girl looked at him," Your out of luck aren't you? I sat down before you." She flagged down a waiter to get her order. Still Stephen was determined to get his seat back.

"Get out of my seat." He hissed after the waiter left from taking her order.

She took a good look at the seat then back at him again," I don't see your name on it. Sit somewhere else it won't kill you." She shrugged tapping her fingers on the table.

"Look, I sit here every time I come to get my dinner at Granny's. I would appreciate it if you would let me keep up with the tradition." Stephen pleaded.

"Well if you put it that way, then no. Your life will change. You want to know how I know that? I'm going to be in your life now." She smiled. "Prepare for change. I'm Ruby Blackthorn."

Stephen couldn't help but gap at her. But, Ruby did end up being right though. That night he sat next to her and had his meal. From that day on his life changed in so many ways just because of her.

~End of Flashback~

Stephen knew he would do anything to get her back. But, unlike her he would follow Pearl's plan. He just hoped she wouldn't do anything stupid in the mean time. I should get some rest. Pearl will hopefully be better in the morning. Stephen headed to his room to find everything pink. His bed, pillow cases, carpet weren't the color of navy blue anymore.

"You got to be kidding me." He cursed under his breathe before noticing the note on his bed.

Hope you like what I did to your room. -July

July? He didn't know anyone named that. Then he figured it out. The birthstone for July is Ruby. That girl is so lucky she isn't here right now.

The spell didn't last long because Ruby woke up right when Richard landed on the balcony of what she assumed was his home. Even in the dim lighting she could see this house was fairly brand new. Which meant he just recently moved yet it didn't look like any of this stuff was his because it was brand new as well. For a warlock who controls demons he had surprisingly good taste in interior decorating.

"Oh good your up. Follow me you're getting too heavy to carry." He told her before dropping her to the floor with a thud.

"Ow!" She glared at him." You could of set me down nicely you know."

"Why would I do that? Your killing my demons and you know they aren't easy to find. Yet you find mine every time. Just be lucky I am letting you live this very second." He replied in a fierce voice.

Ruby just shut her mouth and didn't bother to answer. She had to figure out a way to escape alive. That meant no back talk or resisting. Which were two things Ruby was terrible at. In this moment she was screwed.

Richard had one of his maids appear with a freshly sharpened knife and a rope. Which he seemed to enjoy looking at too much. Not the knife or the rope. His maid. He was a married man yet, that didn't stop him from looking it seemed. If this was how bike boy was raised, Ruby would make sure he stayed far away from Pearl as possible. That was the last thing Ruby wanted to see Pearl date. A werewolf? Perfectly fine. A vampire? She could manage it. But, a boy who can't settle down. hell no.

"Alright my Jem. It's now time to wait in the grave yard where they will come to get you. But, I didn't promise to give you back alive you see. So, let's get this over with. Celia, tie her up." He chuckled walking closer to her with the knife after his maid tied Ruby up.

Ruby closed her eyes and didn't fight back. There had to be something she could say. Then her thoughts went straight to Dimitri. Without thinking it through she opened her eyes and said," You can't kill. I'm Dimitri's girlfriend. He will know you killed his first and only love of his life. He will never speak to you again. He will hate you forever. You don't want that do you? Of course not. He'll come for me. You just need to wait until then."

Richard laughed, "Oh!, you're feeding me complete bullshit Miss Blackthorn. He wouldn't ever get tangled up with a girl like you."

"Really? He gave me the keys to his bike and the only reason he didn't tell you because he knew you wouldn't approve of me." Ruby spoke with credibility that she almost believed herself.

Richard face grew serious. Ruby kept a straight face knowing one beat of sweat would give away her lie. That bike meant everything to his son and to give the keys to her meant he was serious about her. He threw the knife next to her body so into stuck in the ground trying to frighten her. To his surprise she did flinch.

"I'll give your boyfriend 3 days to come and "save" you. If he doesn't come by then I'll make sure you get killed with much more then that knife." Richard threatened her before leaving her in the room alone. As soon as she heard him walk down the hall Ruby let out the breathe she didn't know she kept in. Dimitri would come and she had no doubt because her gut was always right.
He'll come because I still have the keys to his bike.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Tessa Herondale on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:17 pm

I'm not trying to be bossy, I just car-
What was he going to say? I'm not trying to be bossy, I just care? Why would he care? From the moment they met him, they'd ruined his life. So maybe he just cared about her? But she hadn't done anything special. Nothing at all!
Pearl had been going in circles like that for hours, since Dimitri had come to visit her. After the argument with Stephan, over whether or not he was going with them. To be honest, she was still on the fence about that. She wanted him there, but he didn't know how to fight. Wanted the leverage, didn't want him in danger. There was too much conflict.
The infirmary door opened, and Stephan walked in.
"We got a reply. From Richard." He said, without hesitation.
"Well, don't hesitate, how much time?" Pearl sat up in her bed, a lot easier than she'd expected. She was already feeling a lot better.
"Three days. We have three days, max. He said he'd wait in the graveyard every night, and if we don't show on the third night... Well, i'd rather not repeat what was written." Stephan glared at the ceiling, as if it was the ceiling's fault that Richard was such a douchdick.
"Three days. Alright. Get out." Pearl looked at him, and motioned to the door.
"What? Why?" He was startled at her sudden dismissal of him.
"I'm going to do something you hate. I'm going to reach over to that nice little drug thing pumping healing crap into my arm, and turn it up. I need to be moving by tomorrow." She started reaching for the IV
"Nonono! Can't you just try more iratzes?" Stephan was desperate, he hated needles, drugs, things like that. Pearl respected his privacy not to ask why.
"Well, gee! That's a great idea! There's just one flaw in your otherwise perfect plan." Pearl was sure she was pointing out the obvious, and it felt ridiculous to do that.
"What?" Stephan asked.
"You don't have your stele, genius." Pearl raised her eyebrows, and gestured the place where his stele generally hung from his belt.
"Right. I'll go get that." Stephan turned and ran out, to find a stele.
With a sigh, Pearl lay back down, and turned over, determined to get at least a small nap, despite all the chaos.
"Pearl? Are you awake?" Dimitri's voice, shaking her out of her mindless, dreamless speech.
"Oh yes, Dimitri, I'm most certainly awake. Can't you tell? I was just practicing my impersonation skills." She didn't bother to turn over, or even move.
"What are you impersonating, a log?" Dimitri shot back.
"Yes, for your information, and i was doing very well. What do you want?" It was obviously nighttime, but Dimitri sounded wide awake.
"I wanted to talk to you." He sat down on her bed. She'd been moved back to her room after Stephan had applied a few different runes on her, so she had the strength and energy to walk up to her room.
"Well, I'm awake. Talk, so I can return to my lovely dream." Pearl was lying, she had been in the middle of a nightmare, so, she was kind of grateful that Dimitri had woken her up.
"I found something out the other day." Dimitri sounded nervous, but Pearl didn't feel like beating around the bush right now.
"What, did you find out that the dog that comes around every once in a while has rabies? Because if you got bit, you should be in the hospital."
"No, something else."
"Spit it out boy, or I may cut your tongue out." She didn't mean it, but it was getting mighty tempting.
"I can't bring myself to say it out loud. Do you have your iPod?" he asked. Odd request she thought, but she pulled it out from underneath her pillow, and handed it to him. He took it, and bit his lip.
"Don't say anything, okay? Just, trust me." he looked at the iPod, and his brow furrowed in concentratoin. A dull light blocked out the sight of the iPod, but when it faded, her iPod was whole, and new. She took it from Dimitri's hand, and pushed the button. Full battery charge. She unlocked it. All her songs, all thousands of them. Every app, every song, every note, still there.
"The battery won't die now, either." he said quietly. Pearl could hear the guilt, the anxiety in his voice. He expected her to be disgusted, afraid, she was sure. Stunned at least. She would be in a minute. Right at that moment, she couldn't help it. She sprang out of her bed, right at him, and tackled him to the floor.
"Ohmygod, I think i love you, say you'll marry me, something! You fixed my iPod!" She kissed him, and then stood up and pulled him with her. She quickly found her headphones, and plugged them in. She chose her favourite song, and plugged one of her headphones in. She sighed happily when the music filled her ears.
"Okay. Now, I can freak about the whole magic thing." Pearl looked at him, and he was still standing in the middle of her room, looking slightly stunned. She got up, and walked over. She waved her hand in front of his face, and he blinked and shook his head.
"Yes, okay, um, the magic thing. About that." he sat on the bed. Was he shaking? Why? She shook that thought out of her head.
"Yeah, magic thing. When? What? How?" She looked at him exppectantly, pulling her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around knees.
"Well, it was kind of by accident. Today." He glanced at the clock. "Well, yesterday, i guess. I was in the training room, you know, cause i'm trying to learn to handle some sort of weapon, so i can go with you guys to get Ruby.
I was there, and Stephan came in. He laughed at me for thinking i could ever be good enough to come with you guys, then turned to walk out. I picked up a throwing knife, one he had pointed out as his favourite, and as he was leaving, i kind of threw it at the door behind him. The blade shattered, like glass."
"Well, duh, the door to the training room was not supposed to have knives thrown at it! And you broke Stephan's favourite throwing knife, he's going to kill you, you're going to die." Pearl dropped her head into her hands and groaned. And just when she was starting to get used to the boy.
"No, he'll never know. I fixed it. It's sitting right where it should be, completely whole, and unbroken." His eyes shone a color. Was that red? Or orange?
"Alright, you're going to live. Good. So, you're a warlock then. And that whole eye thing is not a trick of the light, but your mark, then. Even better." Pearl was only kind of sort of freaking. Inside. She'd survive.
"Yeah. Do i get banished now?"
"Not if you answer this question right." Pearl said.
"That's worrying. What question?" He was looking at his hands, twisting nervously in his lap.
"Why couldn't this wait till after I've had eight hours sleep?"

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Thu May 16, 2013 7:56 pm

(Stephen, Ruby , Amari)

"Yes, Dimitri why couldn't this have waited until the morning?" Stephen chimed in. He had been awaken to a thud from Pearl's room. He hurried out of bed think Pearl feel out of bed. A wave of relief came over him when he saw Pearl was okay. However, the way bike boy was acting was a boy who was starting to like a girl. Yes it happened to be his parabati but, not Ruby. There will be an interesting talk at lunch later today. It happened to be day two and they have tons to teach this bike boy. Oh I can't wait to practice my aim with my left arm with my favorite knife! Stephen's left arm happened to be his weaker throw.

The parents marveled over their newly born child. "She is so beautiful, Marlin." The father had tears in his eyes. This had been the day he was waiting for. Together him and Marlin would have their family. He couldn't of been a happier man.

Marlin on the other hand was scared. Ever since the beginning of her relationship with John her whole life has been turned upside down. Somewhere along the way she fell in love and her mind was blocked from the risks that came with being some like him. Now they had a daughter and they were not even married. It gets worse though. Children like their daughter were being used for an experiment. This baby shouldn't of been possible… it somehow was. She is here now in Marlin’s arms breathing and giggling. I’m so sorry you were born into this danger.

Then without much of a notice time froze in that room.

“Oh my, look what we have here. A newly born child, born on July 19th. Her birthstone a ruby. She’ll be one that with the most passion and love. She’ll be the most vulnerable too. You’ll be a wonderful addition to my experiment.” The unknown figure touched the child’s face. "This experiment won't go wrong this time no matter what. After all, I can't be stopped. No one knows my plan or what I will become of their angel. They won't even know it until it hits them and you Ruby, will lead this chaos." The shadow touched her tiny shoulder and left a mark that could be mistaken for a birth mark. But, it was the only way she could be kept track of.

Then as nothing happened time was unfroze and the baby girl started to cry. "Shush Ruby. It's okay." The mom coaxed her daughter.

"Ruby? You want to call her after a rock?"

"Correction her birthstone and yes, the name just suits her John." Her boyfriend went along with the name but, Marlin knew she wasn't the one who came up with the name... someone else did.

Something jolted Ruby awake from slumber. That dream felt so real it was as if she was watching it herself. But, it wasn't a dream it was HER memory. That couldn't of been possible to "relive" her memories in her mind. Something in her gut started to tell her that shadow would be back to finish this experiment. Then she remember it saying she would lead this chaos. Who knew my purpose was to lead a bunch of... wait what am I leading? Her mind started to scatter all over the place of possible people. A child must of been born on the 19th of each month making him or her an addition the the experiment. Which meant it could be any person her age. That really narrowed it down.

Now, she needed to fine these people and warn them but somehow she needed to extract more information from her memories. That shadow was up to no good and her younger self would know it. That meant having to go back to 16 year old Ruby. Which is what Ruby was unsure of how to do.

The whole time she was trying to process her weird memory a girl that looked no younger then her had been sitting in the room the whole time not saying a word.

"Wow you must of been really zoned out." The girl spoke when she saw Ruby look at her.

"Yes, Captain Obvious. You should be happy that you didn't disrupt me when I am thinking or you would of been badly injured by now."

"Oo. The girl has an attitude. I should of expected that but, you face gave me this feeling like you would be nice to me." The girl huffed.

"Nice to you? No thank you. The man of this house hold is keeping trapped in here until my boyfriend comes to save me." Ruby growled. No matter what she had to keep playing the boyfriend card so her cover wouldn't be blown.

"So you have met my father? I'm surprised he didn't kill you when you have a mouth like that."

"I don't really care. I say what I want. Now tell me stranger. What are you doing here?" Ruby asked. Richard was her father? Hm, looks like bike boy's daddy hasn't been completely honest with him.

"I heard what was going on from my room and I came up here to see who had gotten tangled up in my father's plans this time. I was surprised to find a girl so young wanting something from a warlock."

"I don't want anything from your father. I want to go home. That won't happen until his son, MY boyfriend , comes to get me. From there on out I must stay here for three days. If he doesn't come by the third night, your father has plans to end my life."

The girl blinked unsure what to say. I have a brother? That can't be possible! All my life I was an only child. He couldn’t have had another child could he? She couldn’t feel anything at this point… her father had finally made her numb.

“I’m Amari. I really do hope he comes to your rescue.” Amari replied sweetly.

“His name is Dimitri in case you were wondering and has clear blue eyes and light brown hair. He’s 18 and is obsessed with his motorcycle that he built himself. His skin tone is much paler than yours. As for me I’m Ruby and you’re going to regret knowing who I am.”

“Don’t be silly Ruby! We’ll be great friends! ” Amari smiled. “I can’t wait to see him in person.

Oh shit. Another optimistic person I just had to meet. Kill me now. “Yeah I can’t wait to see him too. I really miss him...” Those three better not waste time or they’ll get it big time for it. I certainly hate acting like I love him.

Then another worry scattered through her brain... how the hell would she make it credible that they were love to Richard in person? Bike boy better have taken some theater classes and roll with the flow or it could be the end of my life. She would sure come back and haunt him if that were the case. That's a guarantee.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by AmiiPanda on Fri May 17, 2013 6:29 pm

"what is he like? Around you I mean." great make yourself look like an idiot in front of new people, just like always.
"Just great. wouldn't you guess that from me being here and well, him not?"
"He'll come for you, don't worry"
"Trust me, I never do."
Ruby thought to herself that he better come. If he didn't come, she'd have to figure out how to get herself out of here without him.
Amari turned away. Why did my own father never tell me that I had a brother? Really what on earth could he benefit from this? She will just have to ask him about it later. He wants his secrets? That's fine by her. She can figure it out on her own.
"You should go, before your Dad comes back. Something tells me he wouldn't be too pleased with you talking to his bait."
"Bait? what do you mean by that?"
"I mean that I'm your fathers bait. He wants his son, and since I'm his girlfriend he feels that he will come to my rescue."

(It's not very long but I didn't have much time to write. I wanted to make sure I at least had something up though)

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by MyNameIsAlan on Fri May 17, 2013 11:18 pm

One day has passed since Dimitri's father took Ruby away. It was a cool morning with early birds chirping atop the trees. Dimitri awoke from his peaceful slumber and laid there staring at the ceiling. I wonder how Ruby is doing. This whole situation is all my fault. Which is why I'm gonna start training my ass off so I can become stronger. A person who can protect others and not let anyone get hurt again..

While deep in thought he turned over and ended up falling out of bed and made a loud thump. "Ow. Well that's freakin' nice," speaking to himself

"Ha! Nice going. To think a person who can resurect broken items can fall on their face trying to get out of bed," Pearl said in sarcastic tone.

Standing by the door was Pearl. She was still dressed in her night gown from last night. Judging by the color of skin tone and her mood she seemed to have gotten better since the incident. Dimitrri stood up and tried to correct the piece of hair that was sticking out. But without luck it stayed messed up and pointed out.

"Morning. Nice of you to drop by. I can see that you've recovered considering you can laugh at other people's pain so casually."

"Well, I wouldn't say completely recovered. Still not fully healthy but I can manage to walk around and do a little bit of training. And I laugh because it's cute."

"You think planting face first on the ground is cute? Either you're a sadist or just messed up inside the head."

"Or maybe you're just the strange one for thinking I'm strange you strange person."

"Oh god your one of those people. This is great. A person who can logically make sense yet confuse me at the same time."

"Ha. I'm just one of a kind."

"Pearl! Breakfast is ready go eat!," Stephen yelling from the distance.

"Yeah! I'm coming! Better hurry up before all the food are gone."

Pearl left to breakfast after witnessing Dimtiri's fail attempt trying to get out of bed. He quickly got dressed in normal casual clothing and looked at his messy bed. Overall his room was neat. It was a normal size room with a desk, a bed, a closet, and a small tv. The walls were painted white with paintings hanging against the wall.

"Maybe I should fix my bedsheets. Or, I can just go eat delicious food and not care about this mess. I like the second choice. Sigh I have got to stop talking to myself."

Dimitri left to the dinning room. As he was walking he could smell the scent of the food tickling his nose and teasing his stomach. He hasn't had a meal since yesterday lunch so he was hungry enough to eat a horse. The compelling aroma got closer when he saw Pearl and Stephen sitting aside from each other. They were eating scrambled eggs, with two bacon. a toast, and a glass of orange juice. Who knew such a simple meal seem so good. There was another plate sitting on the other end of the table which he assumed was his. They both heard his footstep approaching and turned around.

"Oh you finally came. Join us Dimitri! You must be hungry," Pear greeted.

"Yeah you must be hungry. But don't worry I got you some expired dog food," Stephen pitched in.

"Thanks for your kindness. I'll make sure to repay you someday and buy you dog crap for dinner. I know you'll enjoy it considering how much of an animal you are." Dimitri gave him a smirked and head towards his chair.

"Now boys, behave. I'd like to have a peaceful morning without the dinning room becoming a boxing ring. You wouldn't want to cause a poor hurt girl trouble do you?"

Stephen and Dimitri spoke at the same time, "No ma'am."

They ate in silence for the rest of the morning. After everyone finished they cleaned up.

"Man I am stuffed. Food has got to be the most amazing thing ever," said Dimitri.

"Yeah well I hope you enjoyed it because it'll be the last meal you'll ever have after we're done with training," replied Stephen.

They all head towards the training. Inside was a vast space where many weapons were hung on the walls. It was a really big place and seemed to be rigged with many technology things that Dimitri had a feeling will not be fun to train with.

"Holy crap this place is huge. You could fit a museum in here."

"Not really. You're probably just use to the normal training rooms. I can't see how humans have such a small arena for their training areas. How could they fight like that," Pearl said.

"Well unlike you guys, humans are actually normal and don't go around hunting demons."

Stephen came back with two sharp swords and held it out to Dimitri.

"Alright enough chitty chat and let's get this thing going. Here, take this. Since you're a beginner you stick with a sword. I want to see what you got before charging stupidly to your father's trap"

"No problem. I like swords anyway. It fits me."

They stepped onto the platform where the boarders marked the fighting area. Pearl stood behind the line and watched. Dimitri held the sword up with both his arms and positioned himself towards Stephen. On the other side Stephen held it with one hand and stood in a fighting stance. Psh, too easy, this guy has too many openings. Immediately Dimitri charged at the first opening he saw which was his chest. But quickly Stephen blocked the attack with ease and thrust his sword upward and kicked his chest sending Dimitri to fall backward. Once again Stephen got back to his stance and Dimitri got back up. Charging one more time he tried to strike Stephen's legs, swiftly Stephen side step the attack and pointed his sword behind Dimitri's back.

"Your attacks are too stiff and straight forward. You'll never get your opponents if you're going to strike like that. Stance, motion, the way you hold your sword, you lack all of it. How could such a powerful warlock raised such a weak boy."

Dimitri's anger flared up inside and quickly turned around and tried to strike for his throat. Without luck that attack was blocked and once again got kicked back. Dimitri got back up and continued to attack. They continued to spar for an hour. Everytime, Dimitri got sent flying back. Both of them were panting and sweating. When Stephen made the strike Dimitri manages to block it but ended up getting hit in a different area. He improved on the way he strike and block but still far from good.

"This is going to be the last round. If you can get past my sword and manage to touch me with your blade then I'll take back about what I said about you being weak. But if you lose we'll continue training till your arms fall off. Deal?"

"Deal, I'll get you this time."

They both got in their stance and faced each other. It was an intense moment until Dimitri made the first strike. He went for the side but Stephen blocked it and took a step to the left and strike. Dimitri managed to deflect the attack and strike at his collar bone. But quickly Stephen ducked and dodged the attack and went for Dimitri's leg. Reacting fast Dimtri jumped back and the pushed forward with his sword aiming directly at his heart. Stephen was about to block the attack when he stopped halfway there and quickly took a side step around Stephen's body and pointed to sword behind his back.

"Nice move. Tricking me into attacking but really aiming for something else. You can play smart for a poor swordsman."

"I haven't used a sword before but I still got my brain."

Pearl clapped and went over to them.

"Good job Dimitri! You actually got the basic of using a sword down. Even though he was going easy on you still did good!"

"Way to ruin my victory Pearl.."

"Ha. My bad. C'mon you two must be tired. Lets head back and grab something to eat."

The three of the them left the training room and Dimitri looked at the time time and noticed it was the afternoon already. I'll get stronger. I'll keep training to I get stronger, he thought to himself. He looked back at the training room and grew a bond with that place. Turning around he ran to catch up with them and walked together back to the dining room.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Tessa Herondale on Fri May 24, 2013 6:45 pm

She looked up in time to see Dimitri's eyes widen at the sight of all the food on the table. She turned away and smiled to herself.
"I'd stay away from the sheep stomach. Our cook is good, but still, that's either a hit or miss." Pearl said. She wasn't kidding. For some reason, their cook loved to try to cook sheep stomach, and no one could figure out why. She really sucked at it.
"Ha, you're kidding, right?" Dimitri looked a little worried. "Sheep stomach? Who eats that?"
Pearl and Stephan looked at eachother.
"Ruby likes it, for some reason, none of us can fathom." Stephan volunteered.
"Yeah, it's weird. Anyway, dig in, boys. I'll wait till I can get food without losing a hand." Pearl joked.
Maybe I wasn't kidding she thought, as she watched them fight over some of the dishes on the table. It wasn't much of a fight. Stephan would glare at Dimitri until he let go of whatever food he had. By the time they were done, there was practically nothing left.
"Wow. And here I was thinking I ate a lot. Dimitri, I think we have a cow left over in the kitchen, if you're still hungry." Pearl teased.
Dimitri looked up and grinned at her. "You do eat a lot, for a girl." He said, then stopped looking a little stunned. "Not that it shows. I mean, you're not fat! But, you're not skinny either. No, I didn't mean that either! I-" Dimitri looked like he was panicking.
"Dimitri, sweetheart, darling! Shut up." Pearl cut him off.
Dimitri turned red. It was really cute when he did that.
"I'm sorry. I can't seem to talk to you." He said, seeming to startle himself, as well was everyone else.
"Well, don't feel bad. I'm just so amazing that everyone has problems speaking in my presence." Pearl said, flipping her hair back, trying to act arrogant. She was sure she just looked stupid, but it was worth a shot.
"Oh yes, Pearl, you're just so magnificent, and stunning, my very mind shuts down when I enter your sight." Dimitri smiled at her.
"Why, Dimitri, my dear! You do yourself no justice! Your effect is much more stunning. You, with your perfectly toned body and eyes that could make a girl melt. Don't make this all about me." Pearl winked at him, a little suprised that she managed to stay completely serious. The sarcasm was mild.
"Pearl, I could l never compare to your obvious beauty. Your blonde hair, your easy way with people. And the lack of knowledge of just how sexy you look when you're almost dead." Dimitri winked at her, and Pearl was a little suprised at how straightforward he was being. He'd always been shy.
"Next person to say something sweet, or even consider flirting, while I'm still eating, is going to leave this table missing some vital body parts." Stephan growled.
"You ruin my fun." Pearl glared at him. Then, she turned to Dimitri and smirked, knowing full well how sarcastic she looked.
"We'll have to continue this conversation later." she said, and then turned back to her food, and started eating.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Mon May 27, 2013 1:36 am

"Don't you see that this won't work between you two? You’re only setting yourself to be let down in the end. Pearl you should be interested in someone of your own kind. We have a responsibility to the Clave and our fellow shadow hunters that fell in battle to continue our race. This boy will be a distraction to that. Heck he might even make you want to give up being a shadow hunter.” Stephen told her off. Nothing would happen between those two. Bike boy is not good enough for Pearl. He will only cause her unwanted pain.

“Stephen would you stop! This is just stupid. Butt out of my personal life!” She hissed. He would not dictate who she could be with or not be with.”Your ridiculous to think I like him like that Stephen. We just are two people getting to know each other better.”

“He is a warlock and you are a shadow hunter. You will never be just people.” Stephen said.

The whole time Dimitri’s temper was rising. Did this guy really have the nerve to tell a girl that?
“Quit talking about me as if I’m not here! You can’t just tell her she can only be with those of her own kind! She deserves the choice to be with whoever she wishes."

"You moron! You don't know our ways. You are to have nothing to do with Pearl or Ruby for that matter."

"You are too blinded by your beliefs to see that those two aren't. You know what?! Maybe I should try being with Ruby just to show you how badly you suck at letting a girl know you like her! For you information she isn't interested in you." Dimitri yelled. He wasn't the type of guy that liked to get back at people but, he had enough of Stephen’s crap.

Stephen was about to leap across the table and demand he take that back when Harmony came strolling in with guilt written all over her face. “Harmony? What is troubling you? You know it’s not your fault that Ruby was abducted by Richard. We’re setting up a mission to go get her before he does harm to her.”

“I have no doubt you all will be trying to do something so get her back. But there is something you need to know about Richard.”

Both Pearl and Stephen looked to Harmony hungry from answers that could help them save Ruby. That’s all they cared about right now was getting her back to the safety of the Institute.

“He is much more than a warlock he is a leader to those who support his movement.”

“What’s his movement?’ Pearl asked.

“He believes the glamour should go down. He wants everyone to see people for they truly are. He is urging that we all stop hiding behind a mask.”

Pearl crinkled her nose and said,”Who would support that?”

“From every race there are supporters of Richard’s movement. The worst part of this is how it will affect the mundanes and their normal lives. They would be too scared to even step out their doors knowing there are vampires hunting for their blood, and those howls at night are actually were wolfs. Random strangers they dance with are demons who wish to feast on their souls. All their sense of security will be ruined.”

“What is the reason of telling us this?” Stephen questioned.

“If we do end up going to get Ruby. Dimitri will be forced to stay. I fear that if Richard finds out Dimitri activated his powers and he will use his magic with his own to break down the glamour. We also don’t know if there are other warlocks that support his cause either. We can’t risk it. Richard wants Dimitri. I also can’t risk losing you two... You are to cancel this mission to save Ruby.” Harmony kept her stern voice the whole time. Even though it pained her to say that.

Every face in the room was left with shock that Harmony would say such thing. If they didn't go, Ruby would die. If they did, chaos would break out in Colorado. Was one shadow hunter really worth the risk?

“We can’t leave her to die! Harmony please! We need to save her!” Pearl was about to burst into tears. Stephen rushed over to his parabatai to comfort her.

Harmony stared onto Pearl eyes showing her the best thing they could do right now was be silent. We all could cry over Ruby or hope she could find a way to save herself without any help from them.

Dimitri on the other hand felt a mixture of sadness and anger. Even though the girl had stolen his bike... he wished he could have gotten to know Ruby better. He was also angry because he would never get the keys to his bike back now.


Amari gasped. What a terrible thing her father is causing. Only to get his son to come home. If he did come, what were his plans for him? Knowing how her father was he was planning on using him for his vindictive plans. The other part that worried her was finding out who he was planning to get revenge on.

Loud footsteps came up the stairs. This alarmed Ruby knowing Amari shouldn't be in this room with her. But, without warning or time to react Richard came storming in with fury rolling from his body.

"Amari! What are you doing in here? You know not to interfere with daddy's plans!" He hissed as he shoved her into Ruby.

Ruby caught her and had Amari stand behind her,"Look Rich, you need to calm down Amari wasn't helping me escape at all." Ruby tried her best to get Richard to get a hold of his rage.

"Shut up! You will get it even if he comes! YOU WILL DIE RUBY!" Richard strikes at Ruby but she was quicker and was able to get herself and Amari out of the way. He must of been set off by something that happened earlier that caused him to get upset over Amari visiting with her. Or he really is a drama queen when it comes to his plans. Richard was gathering up all the magic he could for his next attack.

“Ruby! Come on. I can’t stand to see my brother’s girlfriend get mauled by my father. Let’s get out of here!” Amari insisted as she ran for the door of the room. However, her father’s magic was quicker and shut it for us. Which left us only one way out. The balcony that was a few stories high. Richard started throwing objects at the walls and was cursing up a storm. His rage was blinding him from thinking straight and he threw a picture frame at Amari. She ducked before it could of collided with her head. We needed to get out of here. Now.

“You trust me right Amari?” Ruby saw the balcony doors were glass which meant she would have to ran at them with enough force to make them shatter.

“I do even though I just met you.” Amari admitted. Which was all Ruby need to hear as she charged into the glass doors with all her might to have it all shatter. There was no time to see the damage Ruby needed to get Amari out of here before Amari’s dad decided to throw something at her again.

Ruby grabbed Amari and jumped up on the ledge. “Hang onto me.” Ruby ordered as she turned herself if they landed on the ground Amari would fall onto her. Better me needing to heal a broken bone then her. Then without warning the Ruby stepped off the ledge holding tightly onto Amari who was screaming the whole way down.

The fall wasn't as long as Ruby thought it would be. Although she was glad it was over Amari had a very high pitch scream that could ruin anyone's hearing. Amari got up off Ruby and held out her hand to help her up. She took it and stood up. “Thanks. You alright? Never mind we don’t have time to ask questions about of well beings. We need to get away from your house.”

Amari nodded slowly still a bit shaken up by the fall,”W-where to?”

“Let’s go for a coffee break. I have been craving one for awhile now.”

Amari looked at Ruby with a dumbfounded look,”My dad is set on killing you and hunting you down and you just want to chill and get some coffee?! Not to mention you’re all bloody and will attract vampires and look like shit so the guy at the counter won’t give us a discount for being cute!”

Ruby laughed,”Yes I want some coffee even though things aren't going well for me. Don’t worry about it Amari your brother finds me attractive no matter what happens to me.” Amari giggled as they started running away from that house to town for a coffee break. This lying about my fake relationship is getting way too easy. I really hope I won't start believing my lies...

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by MyNameIsAlan on Tue May 28, 2013 9:11 pm

After Harmony's report, everyone left to their room with grief and sadness. As Dimitri walked to his bedroom he thought to himself, I feel like this is my fault. I mean yeah she can be a stubborn girl sometime but she doesn't deserve to die. Maybe if I should just turn myself in. Maybe that'll solve everything. But is father really going to just use me for his movement? He let gravity took its place and dropped himself on his bed.

"Sigh. This whole mess is so complicated. And the worse part is, I might not ever get my bike back," he said to himself.

The night fell and a full moon rose. Dimitri stared outside the window where the luminous moon lighting the sky. The Institute was quiet without any sound but the crickets chirping outside. He couldn't sleep so he decided to go out for a stroll. Putting on his clothes he quietly tip toed outside and took a breath of fresh air. Man. How did I ever ended up getting into this mess? Sigh. I hope she's alright. As he walked he strolled passed by the training building.

"Since I can't sleep I might as well do some training till I die," he said to himself.

He stood in front of the doors and noticed that it was unlocked. Sneaking inside he saw Stephen jabbing a punching bag. After a few seconds Stephen noticed Dimitri standing by the door and stopped.

"What do you think you're doing here so late at night," Stephen asked coldly.

"I could say the same to you. I can't sleep so I thought I would blow off time training."

"What's the point? It's not like you have to save anyone. Ruby is just another person to you. You wouldn't care if your father killed her."

"Hey! Who said I didn't care?! Yeah, I may not know you guys much considering I just met Ruby two nights ago but that doesn't mean I want her to die. Don't you think I feel responsible for this mess. If I could, I would go turn myself in but you heard Harmony. I don't understand much about my father's movement but it sure as hell doesn't sound very promising."

"Whatever. Do what you want just don't distract me."

Stephen continued his practice with the punching bag but he seemed to be putting more force to it than before. Dimitri went to the area where all the weapons are lined up. He picked a sword that felt right and headed to an open space to practice his form. Stephen and Dimitri minded their own business and continued their own affair for awhile. Halfway through the night, the entrance door opened and simultaneously they looked at who walked it. Pearl appeared
in her night gown.

"Oh hi boys. I was taking a walk and heard some clanking noise and I thought someone was trying to break in," Pearl said.

"Can't sleep either can you?" Dimitri asked.

"No. How can I sleep knowing that tomorrow is the deadline for Ruby's life."

"Yeah well we can only hope she can escape by herself I guess. Or that my father randomly decided to be generous and let her go," Dimitri said with a hint of hope in his voice.

Stephen pitched in and said,"I highly doubt that. And knowing Ruby, I think she'll break out somehow. All we can do is hope she escapes alive."

The air grew cold and quiet and the crickets continued to chirp without a care in the world. Everyone was probably thinking about the same thing, if Ruby would still be alive tomorrow.

Pearl tried to break the silence and started a conversation. "So, I see you two were training. Can I join since I can't sleep either. Maybe we can train till we die."

"Of course Pearl! What kind of death would it if it was without you," Dimitri winked at her.

"I know, who wouldn't want to die with me," she smirked.

Pearl walked over to the weapon area and grabbed a sword too. She went over to Dimitri and stood in her position.

"C'mon bike boy. We haven't had a chance to spar. Let me what you got."

He raised his sword and after a few seconds he striked but quickly she dodged the attack and hit his back with the handle making him tumble over.

"Crap. You are good," Dimitri stated.

She smiled and he raised his sword again. He tried to do the same thing only to end with the same result.

"Stephen's right, you need to work on your form."

Dimitri can feel Stephen smirking and laughing under his breath. The three of them continued to train the whole night. By the time the first glimpse of the sun showed, everyone was dead and laying on the floor panting. It felt good to train so hard. But all the sweat and panting went away when then realized today was the day Ruby's deadline ended. The air grew cold once again and only hope was set upon their chest.


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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Tessa Herondale on Thu May 30, 2013 9:59 pm

Pearl woke up in the morning, more tired than when she went to sleep. She had trained with Stephan and Dimitri till the morning hours stopped seeming so small. In other words, she didn't go back to bed till sometime about six, seven in the morning. It had felt good to train so hard. She and Stephan had traded off sparring with Dimitri, for a while. She smiled at the memory of him becoming so frustrated, saying no one was that good. Then the look that was a mixture of jeaousy and awe, when Pearl and Stephan started fighting. She laughed at that point, and noticed the sun starting to come up, so she had suggested they all go to bed. It was only ten when they all sat at the table, in the morning.
Pearl looked into Stephan and Dimitri's bloodshot eyes.
"Coffee run?" She suggested.
"Great idea. Black with two sugars." Stephan said.
"Caramel machiatto, hold the whipped cream," Dimitri chimed in.
Pearl and Stephan looked at him.
"Listen, I've stuck up for you a lot, but you're up for teasing now." Pearl shook her head, "You two are going to make me go get coffee for you?" she asked.
Dimitri ducked his head, looking a little guilty.
"Yes. And make it quick. We have to be awake for this," Stephan said, ever the gentleman.
"Fine." She glared at both of them, and left the Institute.
A little while later, Pearl was sitting in the coffee shop, head in her hands. She felt like one of those little emoticons, the one you made with a capitol X and P. She was sitting in her favourite little coffee shop, waiting for them to call out her name. An alias, of course. It was more fun that way.
She heard the door open, and close of the little coffee shop, and didn't even bother to look up to see who it was. She heard a voice order coffee, and it was a little familiar. It was only confirmed who it was, when they pulled of the chair in front of her.
"What took you so long?" Pearl asked, without bothering to look up.
"Traffic was horrible! And you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a taxi in Colorado. Like, really." Ruby said.
"I do believe that, actually. It isn't New York, you know, taxi's aren't everywhere. You gonna introduce me to your friends?" Pearl looked up, to see a different girl sitting there, on she didn't know.
"Oh, yeah, this is Amari. Amari, this is-"
"Alexzandra Jade?" called the lady behind the counter.
"That's me." Pearl sighed, and went to collect the coffee. When she sat back down, Amari asked, "Alexzandra Jade? That's your name?"
"I thought about Alex Wise, but I think I'll save it for next time." Pearl answered.
"Which moron ordered a caramel machiatto without whipped cream?" Ruby picked up the coffee and took a drink. "Does this even qualifty as a machiatto? And where did you get that name?"
"Picked it up of some girl. Her friend was yelling at her to come down from the tree."
"I like it." Ruby nodded in approvement. She turned to Amari.
"Her name isn't actually Alexzandra Jade, it's Pearl. Pearl Avery. And, for someone who talked so much when I was chained up, you aren't saying much now."
Amari looked a little pale. "I'm just a little tired." Pearl raised an eyebrow. She'd used that lie. Multiple times. But, if the girl didn't want to talk, she didn't have to.
"Well, either way, I have to be getting back. Dimitri's gonna kill you, you still have his keys."
"But, she's his girlfriend, he wouldnt' kill her." volunteered Amari.
Pearl was suprised at the jealousy and protectiveness that randomly arose at that comment.
"Well. You'll have to tell me all about this new developement that I was unaware of, on the way home. You coming with me?"
"Duh." Ruby rolled her eyes. "I'll go grab my coffee, and we'll be on our way."
They all walked outside, and Ruby and Pearl hopped into the front seats. Amari stopped for a minute, to admire the sleek black corvette, then hopped in the back.
"Oh, and the others don't know you're coming." Pearl warned.
"I figured." Ruby grinned at her, and she raced out of the parking lot.
Pearl whipped into her spot in front of the institute, laughing.
"Pearl, this is why you drive!" Ruby was having a hard time breathing, she'd been laughing and screaming too much.
Amari was in the back seat, clinging to the seat, looking a bit like a scared cat.
"Never, never ever again. No, absolutely not, I will never ride in this car, while you're driving, again. Did we ever go below 90??"
"At the stop signs, yes." Pearl said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"Now, lets go confront the devil, shall we? It's a good thing you didn't spill the coffee." Ruby shook her head. "Ten bucks says Stephan blows up in my face?"
"You're on. He'll walk out, calm as can be, and go kill some stuff." Pearl Smiled, and shook her hand.
They walked in the front doors, Amari trailing behind, looking extremely nervous, for some reason.
"Stephan! Dimitri! I'm home!" Pearl called out, knowing they'd hear.
Sure enough, between the echo of her voice, and the smell of coffee, they were there in moments.
"Oh thank go-" Stephan cut off, looking at Ruby as though he'd just been slapped. Dimitri was just as stunned, but looked a little less hurt.
"Bike boy! I've missed you." Ruby winked at him, and then looked at Stephan.
"I love the look on your face, it's so funny! I wish I had a camera." Ruby teased, but Pearl could tell it was half hearted.
"Ruby," He choked out. He cleared his throat, and started again.
"Ruby! What the hell! We thought you were dead, gone, we'd have to come rescue you! I thought that Dick-"
"Richard" She interrupted
"Was doing- Things! You didn't even give us the chance to think you were coming, I didn't think you were coming back! I can't believe you'd just run away like that, not even give us a minutes relief! That note was a fake, I bet. All a big joke. Well good for you, Ruby! It worked! And I bet your gem sister knew too! Oh, and you had the balls to bring one of your bitchy cohorts back with you!"
"Who uses cohorts anymore?" Pearl asked.
"It doesn't matter! I can't believe this, I can't believe you. Betrayal, that's all this is, isn't it?" Stephan looked like he might just kill Ruby right then and there.
"Well, nice to know you care. Why don't you just go pop the balloons of children, or something?" Ruby snapped. Stephan glared at her, and stormed out.
"Well, I owe you ten bucks. Close your mouth Dimitri, or bugs will fly in." Pearl walked by, and closed his mouth for him.
"Come on Amari. Ruby and I will find you a room."
She walked away from all of them, sure that they'd follow her, to a room where they could all talk, and share stories.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:50 pm

The girls decided to go to Ruby's room to talk in private since Ruby's room had these thick walls that not even hearings runes could hear through. Later they would set up a room for Amari next to Ruby's. They all walked into her room. Pearl had been the most surprised since she never spent much time in her room. Well she actually never seen it. Everything in that room was either red or gold. In many ways it made one think that this room could of been in a palace with the gold trim on the walls. Then the leather couch that was both red and gold. What surprised her the most was there was no bed in that room. Just a couch, a mirror, bookcase, desk and a closet. She's a really strange girl. Amari and Pearl got comfortable on the couch while Ruby was pacing. 

He thought I was telling lies? Could I fake the rope burns and glass shards in my shoulder? I suppose I could have but I wasn't. Whatever though. That's how Stephen shows his affection. So to translate everything he said, I am glad your home Ruby. I missed you so much. Ruby hadn't noticed she was pacing until she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. The damage that was done wasn't as bad as she thought it was. Which was good since that meant less work for the healing rune to do. Ruby sat on the other end of the couch listening to the girls.

While Ruby was in thought Pearl was getting to know Amari. "So, how did you meet Ruby?"

"Well, long story short I heard shouting really loud the word shadow at least I think that's the word she said maybe it was she down... Anyways I went to check on where that noise was coming from in the room upstairs and she was sitting up deep in thought. I didn't want to startle  her so I waited-" Amari went on and on about their meeting and escape but Ruby's mind zoned out and went back to that strange memory she recalled in her sleep. 19th of every month? That wasn't much to go by. Since there are millions of people who have the same birthday as I do. There has to be something else that tells who's part of this experiment... Something!

Ruby groaned in frustration and got up from the couch again. This shirt needed a good wash and that glass in her arm was really starting to bother her. She didn't want to give Stephen another reason to yell at her so, she headed to her personal bathroom that was attached to her room and slipped off her shirt and grab a pair of tweezers and started to pick at glass that got stuck in her arm. 

"I'll be right back. I'm going to help Ruby get cleaned up." Pearl told Amari. With that she headed to the private bathroom and shut the door behind her. 

"I'm not in the mood for your lectures. I'm doing the best I can to take care of myself." Ruby commented as she winced while taking out a piece of glass that really got stuck in her arm.

"Yea? Well, I wasn't here to lecture you. I just wanted to help you get this sharp glass out of your arm and draw the healing rune on you." Pearl took the tweezers and begin pulling out the rest of the glass. 

"Right, but doesn't seeing me in a bra make you nervous?" Ruby raised her eyebrow.

"Oh shut up Ruby. I've seen much less clothes on you before. Like when we went to the Chatfield Reservoir with Harmony. She had gotten us a boat to ride and a tube to pull us in. That day was so much fun especially when you lost your top from falling off the tube-"

"I never felt so free." She cut in off before Pearl could continue. 

Her comment had caused Pearl to laugh and pull out a piece of glasses swiftly causing Ruby to wince in pain once more."Careful. I have feelings." She hissed.

"Oh of course you do. Speaking of feelings, when did you and Dimitri become an item?" Pearl waited for Ruby to answer but Ruby zoned off once again. How many times does this girl leave me to talk to myself?!

Ruby wasn't sure if she should answer that question or not. She could confess and say it all wasn't real but, that would mean risking Richard finding out. As if he didn't have enough reason to come kill her now. Which meant there was only one way to protect herself.

"Mind your own business." Ruby snapped. 

"I was just asking no need to get all guarded... Just Ruby! This is strange this boy you ran into two nights ago and your all of a sudden dating him? That's just not something you would do." Peal commented.

"You don't know what I do or don't do Pearl. So, instead of judging my choice, finish getting the class out of my arm and put the healing rune on so I can go train. You are really staring to get on my last nerve." Ruby groaned. I am being really harsh but, I just need to get her to stop talking about it. 

Pearl shut her mouth not arguing any farther. She knew she made it worse for her with Ruby. This girl was a tough one to let her in. She still had hope Ruby would eventually tell her everything that has been kept from her. All Pearl knew is Ruby had lived in fear for the past 2 years. The first year she was pretty skittish, she always was looking over her shoulder and barely slept. The next year Pearl found Ruby asleep on the kitchen floor with the knifes within gripping distance. 
Something was wrong with Ruby but, she always fearful of asking. If I asked her she would surely disappear on us.

Pearl finished removing the glass from Ruby's arm and placed the healing rune on her shoulder when she came across an oddly shaped birth mark. 

"I have that same birthmark on my shoulder." Pearl said as she slide down the shirt on her right shoulder to show Ruby. 

Ruby stared at it and strangely enough it looked exactly like her own. This might be the something I was looking for. "Yea look at that. How strange. It's probably something that all shadow hunters get." She shrugged and headed to her closet for something to wear. She opted out for a black sports bra since she was really behind on laundry. 

Instead of training like she hoped she would. She grabbed all her dirty clothes and headed to the laundry room. 

During that whole time the two girls were in the bathroom. Amari left the room to go search for her brother. She had many questions she needed answers to so, just sitting in Ruby's room she wouldn't get anywhere with that. This place was huge and some point Amari was sure she was lost until she noticed light come from a room with an opened door. Being the curious girl she is she peered in to see the boy who called her a cohort tinkering on what it seemed to be a blender. 

"You know it's rude to stare." Stephen spoke not looking up from the device.

"Oh, I'm sorry I just was looking. I'll be leavin-" Amari started.

"Wait now, I need to have a chat with you. Come in and close the door behind you please." Stephen ordered.

Amari eyes opened wide as she stepped back and turned to run away from him. What kind of girl does he think I am?! I know better then to go into a boy's room alone. As she ran away, she could her his laughter bounce through the hall. I didn't find it funny at all...

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by AmiiPanda on Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:45 am

Amari headed down the long hallway. She quickened her steps only to be pulled back from her arm and trapped with her back to the wall. She looked up to see a wide grin from Stephen. She tried to let out a scream but the only thing that came out was a small whimper.

"It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Sure, you're just going to back me against the wall and be super creepy. No harm there right?"

Stephen could hear the sarcasm in her voice and tried to hold back a smile, but failed miserably. 

"I just wanted to talk to you about somethings. come on, we can talk in the kitchen. Besides I'm hungry.

"Alright, fine."

Stephen and Amari walked to the kitchen. She didn't know where they were going so she followed right behind him. As they made it to the kitchen Stephen went right towards the fridge.

"Do you want anything?" Stephen asked but then was confused by himself. He's suppose to hate mundanes. He always had, so what's different about this girl? He shook his head to clear it.

"No thanks. I'm not that hungry."

"Okay, well in case you do get hungry you can come in here and get something." The silence stretched on until Amari spoke up.

"So what'd you want to talk about?"

"Your father and brother."

"OK.. what about them?"

"How is it you're a human and yet no so much about our world?"

"Ah, that's the thing. I know about warlocks, vampires, and demons. But not so much about you shadowhunters. All I know is that you spend your time killing the bad downworlders. I know absolutely nothing on your origin or what it is that makes you unique from other people.

"Your dad never informed you on us? But on everything bad out there he did?"

"Yeah, he wanted to keep me safe, whatever that means."

"Alright, and your brother?"

"Nothing much to say."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing, nevermind. I need to go rest. I don't feel very well. So, thanks for the talk, I'll go find Ruby and see where I'll be staying. See ya." Amari left with a slight wave of her hand.

Stephen was left feeling strange and wanting to know answers. It seemed like that's what everyone wants.

Amari walked along the hallways trying to remember where somethings were so that next time she was walking around she wouldn't get so lost. As she turned the corner she ran into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Hey, your Dimitri, right?"

"Uh yeah? And who are you?"

"Amari. I'm friends with Ruby."

"Oh, okay. One question though, how do you know me?"

"Ruby told me they had someone staying with them that goes by the name Dimitri. I sort of guessed that was you since you aren't a familiar face." Amari shocked herself at how easily she was coming up with these lies.

"That makes sense."

"Yup sure does. So want to tell me about yourself? I don't mean to pry, It's just I need to know the kind of guy you are." Amari ended her sentence with a little smile.

"I'm a good guy I guess. I have a nice family and just met some interesting but so far nice people."
Ruby and Pearl were walking down the hall towards them. Pearl was talking and Ruby just stared straight ahead. No doubt she was in her own world and heard nothing Pearl was saying.

"Amari, What are you doing?" Pearl asked

"Just talking to Dimitri. I wanted to see your new house guest."

"That's great but we need to talk to you. Now."

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Tessa Herondale on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:48 pm

Pearl watched Ruby gather up her laundry, and walk out with it. She looked around the bathroom, and groaned. There was quite a bit of blood. She was a shadowhunter, but that didn't mean she liked blood. It grossed her out, to be honest.
She started thinking about Richard, as she gathered up the pieces of glass she'd dropped in the sink. Richard the warlock.
The warlock.
Something was bugging her, at the back of her mind. Suddenly, it hit her.
He was a warlock! Warlocks can't have children, they're sterile. Crossbreeding, blah blah blah, she'd stopped paying attention at that point.
But then, how were Dimitri and Amari his children?
Easy answer, they weren't. She had to talk to them. She went to find Ruby, and found her in the laundry room, glaring at the machine.
"You stupid piece of-"
"Ruby! We have to talk to Dimitri and Amari." Pearl interrupted her.
"Are you sure? I'd much rather crawl into this dryer and take a spin." Ruby glared at her.
"Yeah, yeah, I get it suicide is prefferable, but, they're not Richard's kids. Richard can't be their dad." Pearl responded, quickly. She glared at Ruby.
"You know that crazy train you're always talking about? I think you've finally boarded, and are going off the rails." Ruby was staring.
"No, Ruby, come on. I'm not stupid. Richard is a warlock, and warlocks can't have kids."
"Are you sure?" Ruby asked.
"Yes, I'm su- Are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" Pearl was disbelieving of how much Ruby was missing.
"Yes, I'm listening. You should talk to Dimitri and Amari. I have a load of whites calling my name."
"We. We should talk to them. Let's go." Pearl grabbed Ruby by the arm and dragged her out the door, and down the hall.
"We have to figure out what's going on. They can't be Richard's kids. Because I've been sleeping with Stephan. And Dimitri, while you were gone. I'm pregnant with Stephan's child, but he doesn't want anything to do with it, so I'm going to tell Dimitri it's his, so we have to get married, since I love him. And my maid of honour will be a duck. Are you even listening?" Pearl was just talking now, to see if Ruby was paying attention. Obviously not. She saw Dimitri and Amari at the end of the hall, talking. Amari looked faintly nervous, and Dimitri just looked... Like Dimitri.

Pearl shook her head, trying to get away from those thoughts.
"Amari, what are you doing?" Pearl asked.
"Just talking to Dimitri. I wanted to see your new house guest." Amari hadn't told him yet, then. Good.
"That's great, but we need to talk to you. Now." She was suddenly starving.
"Let's adjourn in the kitchen, shall we?" Pearl asked.
"Oh good. You're already here." Pearl commented as she walked into the kitchen. Stephan looked up, and smiled at her. It was the first genuine smile that Dimitri and Amari had seen Stephan give.
"Hey Pearl. What are you all doing here?" He looked around, and the usual sarcastic/blank look came back.
"We need to talk. But first, I need food. So, move it or lose it, I will knock you out of the way." Pearl said, moving towards the fridge. Everyone else sat down, while she searched the fridge and freezer.
"Oh, by the angel, do we have any food?" she asked.
"Um. Is that what you wanted to talk about?" asked Amari. She seemed more comfortable than Ruby, who had elected to stand in the doorway, stiffly leaning against the frame.
"No, I wanted to ask you who your father was. Oh, look! We have chicken. And donuts! Who put donuts in the fridge?" Pearl grabbed a chicken leg, and started eating it. She put the donuts in the microwave, and opened the freezer.
"My father? You know my father." Amari said, confused.
"Well, you and Dimitri, mostly. I know you two don't know you're brother and sister, and as I say this, it occurs to me that that probably should've been first order of business." Pearl said, thoughtfully. "Jackpot! When did we get ice cream?" She discarded the chicken bone, and grabbed a spoon, and the donuts from the microwave. She turned around to see Dimitri looking a little stunned and confused. Amari looked like she was going to sink into the floor, and Stephan looked like he'd just been slapped. Ruby was laughing now, doubled over.
"What are you laughing at?" Pearl asked, sincerely curious.
"You've always had such a way with words, Pearl. It's amazing anyone can follow you, you should have your own language." Ruby said, gasping for breath.
"Ah, whatever. Anyway, Dimitri, Amari, we need to know who your parents are." Pearl turned back to them.
"Uhh.. uh, my dad is Richard and my mom is Jenna. Don't you know this?" Dimitri was glancing at Amari and looking away again. His eyes were an odd yellow color.
"Those are my parents too, yeah. Why are you asking?" Amari was just watching Pearl.
"Because they aren't your parents. They've been lying to you your whole life." Ruby interjected rudely.
"No one asked you to be here, Ruby, you don't have to be rude." Amari said. Pearl was suprised, Amari didn't seem the type to say things like that.
"For your information, I was dragged here against my will, so I couldn't do my laundry. So in case anyone's wondering why I'm showing so much skin, it's all Pearl's fault."
"It's a good look." Pearl interrupted, before Amari could say anything. "But, that's not important. She is right-Shut up till I'm finished," She said to Dimitri and Amari, who looked like they were about to protest.
"Warlocks can't have children. They're sterile, as in, their swimmers can't swim, and the pools aren't clean. They are completely incapable of having children. So, you can't be their kids. Not genetically." Pearl explained all this, while she ate the bucket of ice cream, like she was talking about weather.
"So, who's kids are they?" Stephan asked, speaking up for the first time.
"Good question, we were hoping Dimitri and Amari would know. But, it appears they don't. So, we're kind of out of luck." Pearl said. She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was starting to get late.
"Alright, well, hate to dump this on you now, but it's time to head to bed. If Harmony sees us still awake and in the kitchen at this hour, she'll flip. Like, major, over the top flip. So, we'll talk tomorrow, right? Maybe call Richard, set up a projection. Sound good? Alright. Night all. Dimitri, Ruby, walk me to my room?" Pearl stood up with the bucket of ice cream in one hand, and the spoon in the other. She needed to talk to both of them. And she had to finish healing up Ruby, who's wounds had ripped open, and were bleeding again, in spite of the iratze. 
She walked away, knowing they'd follow, leaving Amari and Stephan alone in the kitchen together.
"Did you know what's going on between those two. I thought Stephan had been shot when I told him that Amari was your sister." Pearl asked the two of them.
"Yeah, about that. How long have you known that?" Dimitri asked.
"Since I got back with Ruby." Pearl said, matter o factly. She knew he was still in shock, but Pearl was feeling a little weird. She had been since the beginning of the kitchen meeting. She didn't know why.
Maybe it's the chicken. She thought, but knew it wasn't true.
"Anyway, Ruby, we need to get you completely fixed up. I think I missed a few glass shards, that's why you're not healing. Dimitri, I just wanted to make you walk the wrong way, so you'd have a longer time to think about me, as you walked back to your room." They arrived at Pearls door, and she turned around and winked at Dimitri.
"Goodnight handsome." She said, and waved him away.
"You're a cruel person, Pearl, messing with him like this." Ruby shook her head.
"I don't know what you mean," Pearl said vaguely, the strange feeling getting worse. She reached for the door know, opened the door, and gasped. She knew exactly why she was feeling weird now. Ruby had already gotten out a knife, from who knows where, and was pointing it at the stranger, sitting on Pearl's bed.
Over the buzzing in her head, she heard Ruby say "Stand up, feind! Face my dagger and pray for my mercy! For I am Ruby Blackthorn! You've snuck into my friends room, prepare to die!"
"Wow, you're dramatic. Makes sense that Pearl would be your friend." the girl said.
"How do you know her? Who are you? Answer me!" Ruby was obviously frustrated now.
"She knows me," Pearl started answering, her tongue felt like lead, "Because she's my sister. Hey Leah."
Ruby looked from Pearl, to Leah, and back. She dropped the knife to her side, and sighed in frustration.
"One of these times, Pearl, you're going to have to let me kill something."
"Yeah, sure." Pearl said. She didn't look good. All the blood seemed to have drained out of her body, and she looked very unsteady. It was frightning. Pearl had always been solid, unmoveable. Unshakeable. Now she looked like she was about to break. And all because of this one girl. Instantly, Ruby didn't like her.
This wasn't like, Amari, she's kind of weird, but she's cool, I guess, as long as long as she's not in my way, didn't like her. This was like, if she comes near me, she'll lose a hand, or an arm, or a head, dislike.
"Leah, what are you doing here?" Pearl asked, her whole body shaking. It had never occured to Ruby before, just how small Pearl was. 5'2", and barely weighing 100 lbs, she looked like she was going to pass out.
"I'm here to see you, obviously. We need to talk." the girl, Leah, said. She even sounded arrogant. 
"Not here. Not tonight. Just, go find an empty room. We'll talk in the morning." Pearl had no expression in her voice. It was so disturbing. 
"No, Leah. Get out, get out now. I need ice cream, and I need sleep. Leave. We'll talk in the morning." Some of the colour was returning to Pearl's face, but she'd never heard her sound so cold. Ruby was just sure it was refreezing the ice cream in her hand.
"Yes, Leah, before your beautiful sister here loses the last of her control, which I think she will, and kills us all, let's find you a room." Ruby stepped in front of Pearl, and watched her, as she grabbed Leah and dragged her away. The last thing Ruby saw, before she closed the door, was Pearl pulling out a target from behind the desk she had, and a set of knives, as well.
Pearl was practicing her knife throwing when the door started to open. Before she could think, she turned and threw the knife at the door, where it stuck, quivering.
"Uhh... Maybe I should come back later." A familiar voice spoke from the other side of the door. Dimitri.
She sighed, and put the knives down.
"Come on in," and plopped down on the bed, and dropped her head into her hands.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by MyNameIsAlan on Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:27 pm

Dimitri slowly opened the door and looked to his to left where he found the knife submerged into the wooden door. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside and closed the door. Looking around, he observed Pearl's room since this was the first time he's actually been inside. Glancing over, he saw her head to her hands and immediately realized what the situation was.
"I can' tell if I should be afraid to be in a room alone with a girl who managed to pierce a wooden door with a knife or feel lucky to be alone in a room with a beautiful girl," Dimitri said in a sarcastic tone. He looked at her and saw a half smile from her.
"I'm sorry about that. As you can tell I'm not really in a so called "happy" mood," she sighed.
Dimitri walked over to Pearl and sat next to her. He was to about get closer but realized that maybe she needed space so he kept a bit of a distant between them.
"Something really bad must've happen to upset you. This is the first time I've seen you other than joyful."
"Yeah well I have feelings too you know. I just prefer being positive."
"Yeah I prefer you being positive too. I'm not really fond of sharp blades being chucked at me. Anyways, who was that chick that walked by?"
Immediately, Pearl clenched her pillow tightly as if she was ready to rip someone's head off. Dimtiri noticed that he touched a subject that shouldn't have been mentioned.
"Wow. I never knew you had so much killing intent towards a pillow," Dimitri said.
Loosening her hands she said, "Sorry. It's just.. She's my sister. Leah."
"Oh. I never knew you had a sister. I'm guessing you two aren't really bffs."
"Yeah we have a long history together."
He wondered what happened between them that made her flared up so quickly. Dimitri wanted to ask her but he dismissed the idea of questioning her and decided to change the subject. But before he spoke Pearl asked him, "So what brought you here. I highly doubt you wanted to be in a room alone with a girl. Did you miss me so much that you just had to come back?"
"Guilty's charged. I just couldn't stand being apart from you because a second without you by my side is like a second without the warmth of the sun."
"Oh geez Dimitri, you can be as dramatic as Ruby sometime. Must be why there's always drama between you two."
"I rather say I'm romantic than dramatic. But I came here because I was wondering about what you said earlier. Is it really true that warlocks can't have kids and supposedly my dad is not my dad?"
"Why would I be lying to you?"
"I don't know, maybe you want to keep me all to yourself so you decided to kick the father out of the picture so he won't take me away from you."
"That's a creative thought Dimitri but I would've came up with a better plan if I wanted you to myself."
"So does that mean I've basically been lied to my whole life and Richard isn't my father? I shouldn't even be surprised considering I just found out I had a sister."
"Look I know it's a lot to take in now but hey, you have a sister now. And I'm sure your father had his reasons for keeping his secrets from you."
"A sister just means I have more responsibilities and maybe he does maybe he doesn't. I just can't believe that this is true."
"I'm sorry about that," Pearl said in a sympathetic voice.
Dimtiri sighed laid down. He was confused on what is really going on and how to approach it. First my bike now all this. What else could possibly happen. He looked over and saw her face and noticed that she was still upset. Suddenly Dimitri realized that he's only been thinking of himself and not of her or what happened with her sister.
"Say Pearl, now that Ruby is back, I was wondering if you want to go out for a drink with me tomorrow? It could take your mind off of things."
Pearl looked over at Dimitri and replied, "That depends, are you talking about alchohol or coffee?"
"Don't worry, just coffee. I'll take advantage of you with alchohol some other time."
Pearl smiled and threw the pillow at him.
"I swear if you do that Dimitri I'll never forgive you."
Dimitri stood up and placed the pillow back on her bed.
"I'll take that as a yes. Be ready at 8 tomorrow. Goodnight my sleeping beauty."
He left her room and walked down the hallway where he caught sight of Ruby.
"What are you out so late inside Pearl's room," Ruby asked in a suspicious voice."
"I don't know, how about you take a guess what we were doing together so late at night," Dimitri smirked.
"I swear if you touched her I will break your arm half and leave your body for the dogs to eat."
"Oh somebody help me. I'm quivering in fear."
"Do you really want to die?"
"No ma'am."
"Good. I'm glad you agree. Now answer my question properly."
"Nothing. Just chitty chatting."
"Yeah well it better be."
"Well somebody had a bowl of sour cereal this morning. You girls and your moodiness. I'm surprised Stephen is still sane."
Dimitri continued walking and went back to his room and Ruby went in the opposite direction. When he was back he checked the time and realized that it was midnight.
"Maybe I should be heading to bed. Sleeping will take my mind off of things."
Dimitri slipped into bed comfortably and stared at the pitch black ceiling. Who's my real parents?

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Post by Captain Rose on Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:06 pm

(2,191 words XD)

Remember when I told myself about starting to believe those lies about Dimitri actually liking me? Those feelings are long gone now. Being around bike boy just reminds me how much he grinds my gears. 

"Quit thinking about that child I have business I need to take care of." Ruby swiftly put all her clothes away and turned to her couch to see Amari past out. She could still sleep peacefully even after seeing the rage her father carried. What a lucky girl. What a not lucky girl to be related to such a wimpy brother. From the looks of it, she had some meet to her bones. Put to the proper training she could actually kick some butt. 

However, pitching that idea would have to wait. Almost everybody was asleep, which was strange since the night was the time for shadow hunters to go out a hunt down the demons on their radar. Which, is some of what Ruby planned on doing but, what was most important was to find who else would have the same 1 inch 2D diamond shaped birthmark. Then together they could figure out the experiment. 

Everyone seemed drained and not like themselves. It’s probably because they worried about me not returning home. Ruby sighed knowing she shouldn’t give them another reason to fret over her but, hey she is 18. In the shadow hunter world that meant you were an adult. Yet they treated her like a china doll some days. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Hence why: she never bothered getting a parabatai, one to avoid be connected to another shadow hunter who will want to know her and two to avoid the risk of getting back stabbed.

Trust had been one of those things she didn’t have a lot to give to just anyone. How she was raised was to protect herself from everyone. At some point she wasn’t much of a people person and her teachers could see that. Mr. Smith had been the most concerned for little Ruby. He was the one who trained her how to use her seraph blades while her mother was off drinking her feelings away.

She wasn’t a terrible mother she just lost hope and the light in her eyes when my father disappeared. To this day no one knows where he is. To this day she still can’t see her mother.




It was a Friday night in the Blackthorn household and that meant it was a day to do it as you pleased. That’s what little 13 year old Ruby did. She ran out of her house to the lake, Jackson that is a few minutes from the house. It was 3 a.m. and the water was as smooth as glass, Ruby took in the quietness. It was peaceful and soothed her mind. All she wanted to do was step into the water and get lost in it. The water just looked so inviting… so she jumped in.

The water was filled with algae but, that didn’t stop her from enjoying it. Being in there brought her to this new world, the one where she thought she had gills. When in reality she could hold her breathe for 10 minutes. Yea that’s a crazy number but, with practice she did it. Even though she ended up chocking on water a lot she never did fear drowning.

Ruby didn’t know how much time had passed until she saw Mr. Smith waiting at shore waving for her to come. She put her ankles together and started bopping her body in and out of water. Then simultaneously her arms reached out of the water and back in. This stroke happened to be her favorite, butterfly.

She got out of the water and reached for the towel Mr. Smith was holding out for her and wrapped it around her body.
“Sorry to ruin your free time sweetie but, this is urgent. I need you to pack your clothes, get everything you can’t live without and put it into my car. We need to get you out of that house.” Mr. Smith spoke sincerely. He had watched this girl grow up ever since he could remember. He wanted to get her away from the bad influence her mother was causing.

But, why? My mom is doing better. I don’t understand… Ruby just nodded and walked back to her house with him. She was rushed into her room to pack. Then that quiet house was suddenly filled with screaming.

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS! SHE’S MINE! MINE!” My mother’s voice yelled.

“Rebecca, you need to understand that this is best for her. It’s not safe for her to be with you anymore. Your drinking is getting worse. There are days you forget to feed her or even give her the time of day. That’s not what mothers are supposed to do. Ruby doesn’t deserve that.”

“She’s all I have left of him! She looks so much like him… some days it pains me to even look at her.” Rebecca began to sob.  “Please don’t take her. Kevin please I beg of you.”

“Well now you won’t have to. You can get your act together and will be able to visit her but, if you don’t then there’s nothing I can do for you. This is an order of the Clave. You know we can’t ignore their order.”

“Screw the Clave! They never have done something like this before! Why me? I have done nothing wrong!” Rebecca screamed and smashed the vase on the coffee table in front of the couch to the ground.

“You aren’t listening to me Rebecca! I’ve said my part. Now, let her leave without much of a scene.”

“I won’t allow it!” She hissed before storming up the stairs to Ruby’s room. Ruby blinked at the sight of her mother. She looked terrible her face rosy, her cheeks wet and her eyes blood shot from not getting enough sleep.

“Oh my Ruby they want to take you away from me. You won’t go will you? You’ll stay with mommy, right?” Rebecca asked her daughter.

Doesn’t she know I’m 13 years old? Yet she is talking to me as if I won’t understand her. Ruby shrugged and zipped up her suitcase that was now filled with her clothes and a few belongings that was important to her. Which, was a ring her father gave her when she was 6 years old; it had a ruby on it with our love fills the sky engraved on it. The other important object she needed was her dream catcher that her mother gave her to keep the all the scary dreams she had away.

“Ruby, you need talk to me!” Rebecca reached for her arm and held onto tightly. Then pain started to shoot up her arm. “Stay with mommy!”

“Stop you’re hurting me! Let go!” Ruby yelped trying her best to get her arm back. How did she not see she is hurting me?

Kevin hurried into the room and grabbed Rebecca who was now clawing and biting him. But, he wouldn’t let go. “Get your things into the car now!” He ordered.

Ruby grabbed her suitcase and hurried out of the house and shoved it into the back seat. Her mother managed to stick her head out of the window in Ruby’s room.

“Oh! My angelic daughter! Don’t leave me! Stay.” She called out.

That is unlike my mother to act like this. Something is wrong with her and she’ll get better. I know she will. Then she’ll visit me and we’ll be together again.

Ruby let the silence take over as Kevin got into the car and drove away. From that day on Ruby waited for her mother to come but, she never did. Which left Ruby to think her mother would never get better, she continue to drink away her feelings. But, this time she had another reason to drink, to forget she ever had a daughter.

-End of Flashback-


Thinking about her mother just back unwanted feelings. The ones she tried to hide from her friends. Here they were coming out raw as if it all happened yesterday. There was nothing she could have done to help her mother. She knew that but, she just wish there could have been something. Maybe she should have stayed… then again. She would of never meet Harmony and Pearl… and Stephen. The guilt was pushed aside as she picked up her seraph blades and a beige party dress and put it on.

Tonight she was going to go to Demon Tracks to look for the others with the same birthmark. All while trying her best to keep out of Richard’s sight. Which would be easy to hide from him since, she would be up on the dance floor ripping the shirts off strangers to get a look at their right shoulder for the birthmark that may or may not be there. Sounds like the night will be interesting for Ruby.


Demon Tracks was always busy so it was easy for Ruby to slip inside unnoticed. She didn’t waste any time knowing that once someone went to go check on her and see that she was gone once again they would flip out. Some club beat was being thrown down and the ladies loved it. Ruby rolled her eyes; they are going to attract unnecessary attention to themselves. But, Ruby joined them knowing she needed to get the guys crawling to her.

It didn’t take long until two of them started dancing in her bubble. They were so close she could smell their strong cologne that gave her a head ache. She got one of the guy’s attentions and threw him a flirty smile before dragging him closer to her. He didn’t argue and came willingly to her. Ruby brought her lips to his ears and whispers senseless compliments about him all while her hand moved the sleeve of his shirt off of his shoulder to get a look at it. Nothing. Shit this is going to be a long night. Then she left to go after the check the rest of the party goers for the birth mark.



The night seemed to last forever but, Ruby managed to get every guy and gal in that club and with no such luck no of them had the birth mark. The girl where much more difficult but once you bought them a couple of drinks they didn’t have a care in the world.

From that long search Ruby decided to get herself a drink for a change. She went to the bar they had and took a seat. Waiting for the bartender to get to her to receive her order.

“Aren’t you a little young to be buying a drink?” The bartender asked.

“I wasn’t planning on getting anything hard core. I want a lemonade.” Ruby replied.

“Is that so? You think I carry that kind of thing here? How about I get you water and stick a lemon on the rim?” He grinned.

Ruby raised her eyebrow, “Then why does it say Today’s Special: Lemonade on that sign?” She pointed it out to him.

He chuckled, “I’m just messing with you kid. I’ll get you one.” Then he left to go get her drink.

Ruby twirled a piece of her hair on her finger while she waited. On the counter she noticed flyers for a band by the name of Fated. She picked it up and looked into the details on the poster.

“Here you go miss. No charge though it’s on the house.” The bartender set her drink in front of her and saw that she was looking at the flyer.

“That happens to be my son’s band. They’re pretty good. You should go see them. They’re going to be performing at Red Rocks in a few days.” His smile reached his eyes with hope that she would go.

“I don’t see why not. I’ll be there sir.” She smiled before taking her lemonade and leaving the club with the flyer in hand. I have something to look forward to now. Surprisingly when she got home there was no one waiting for her at the door which brought a wave of relief. But, it also brought a growl from her stomach. All that searching had really taken it out of her, so she hurried to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat.

Only to find Stephen in there already making food. “You’re up early.” Ruby commented as she took a sit at the kitchen table.

“Yea and you we’re out for a while. Where did you go? What did you do?” He questioned her.

“I’ll tell you when I’ve figured it out.” Ruby answered before taking the carton of milk and a bowl of cereal to her room.

 Sitting there in her room made her think… maybe she was looking in the wrong places. Maybe the others apart of the experiment are closer to her the she thought. It wouldn’t hurt to check. Just how to go about it will be the hard part.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by AmiiPanda on Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:14 pm

Amari and Stephen were left in the kitchen alone. She was dazed. How could Pearl just let the words come flying out her mouth. When she found out that he was her brother it was a huge surprise, she was hoping that at least with him he could have at least been sat down and talked to about it. Not have a peculiar girl blurt out they were brother and sister while trying to find something to eat. Stephen turned towards her, her face was pale and she looked as far off as if she was in her own world.
"Amari?" Stephen said for the third time.
"huh? oh, what?"
"You guys are really brother and sister?"
"well I guess so. I only found out when I was with Ruby. I've never even seen him before."
"How is that possible? You've never seen him before? I thought you lived with Richard? and so did Dimitri, so how have you never seen him before?"
"I know, it doesn't make sense. But I haven't been raised by him for a while. Our maid Cecila takes care of me."
"We'll find out about this. Don't worry about it, soon you will be able to go back to your own life, no need to think about this life."
"Are you crazy? My fathers a warlock, I've known about this type of stuff since I was little. I can see all the creatures, that's why I needed to be informed, I had to know about the things out there that could harm me. I've never had a normal life to go back to. Finding that I have a brother? What am I going to do now?" Amari realized she was rambling, something she hated to do and would only happen if she had to much on her mind "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be acting like this. You all have been very nice and I should be thanking you for letting us stay here."
"You don't have to say sorry. You weren't yelling at me about anything I've done wrong, just about what you are worried about." Just as he was about to say more Ruby came into the room.
"Ruby, I need to talk to you." Amari said
"Alright go ahead" She went and sat in a chair that was turned so she was facing Amari.
"I was thinking we could do this in private? I don't think Stephen would want to hear this."
"He doesn't care. Just talk. Besides, after this conversation we need to get you somewhere to sleep for the night."
"Alright. Well don't be too upset about this but I think Dimitri might like Pearl."
"Is that a problem?" Ruby asked
"What? You can't be serious. He's your boyfriend and it doesn't seem to be bothering you that he always stares at Pearl."
"You're going out with that mundane? When and how could that have happened?"
"Hm funny story actually, which I would love to inform you about at a later date." Ruby looked back at Amari
"No, I'd rather know now. I don't understand how you could even think of him that way?" Stephen was shocked, the expression showed plainly on his face.
"Stephen, just drop it. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Come on Amari time for you to sleep. Do you mind coming with me while I get my clothes?" Ruby got up and headed for the door.
"No I don't mind." She got up and followed Ruby. Amari turned around "Goodnight Stephen" and with that she turned and walked out of the room.
Ruby and Amari walked down the hallway.
"Why didn't you tell Stephen that you are dating Dimitri?"
"That's a good question. But I don't have an answer for it. Don't talk about it for now though. Just act as though we were never together I'll talk to Dimitri about it."
Ruby walked straight for the dryer. She started to fold the laundry and Amari sat down on the couch.
Amari was too exhausted from the events of today, and she couldn't quiet her mind. It was thinking of too many things. She wanted to know more about her brother, but was secretly scared that he would want nothing to do with her. Her father, Amari corrected herself, their father would always tell her about how no one would ever want anything to do with her. Even Cecila, she acted like she cared and listened when Amari talked, but that was her job.
Lost in her daydream, Amari slumped down into the couch further. She thought that she can rest her eyes for a couple minutes while Ruby finished folding her laundry. That resting quickly turned into sleeping as she drifted off to sleep. 
Ruby turned around to see Amari asleep. I'll just find her a place to sleep tomorrow.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Tessa Herondale on Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:08 pm

"I'm done, you hear me, done! This is over! It doesn't matter how hard we try, this marriage will never work!" She screamed it at the man standing across from her.
"I never wanted this anyway! I never wanted to be with you, never wanted to marry you! You're a good for nothing piece of shit, and I'm glad you're leaving!" the man yelled back.
Pearl sat on the floor of her room, holding Leah, covering her ears. This was the fourth time this week. And it was Tuesday night. Pearl listened to her parents shriek and howl at eachother, and didn't let Leah hear, didn't let her see the bruises left on her when she'd tried to stop her father from storming out, leaving her mom on the floor, crying, didn't let her feel the tears drop from her eyes.
Leah hadn't been home that night. She'd been visiting a friend. A mundane friend. They had been exiled, since their mom married a mundane.
"I'm glad I cheated on you, Meliorn. You don't deserve me, you don't deserve to be happy." 
More screaming from the next room. Pearl knew it was getting bad, when she heard that. Pearl was thirteen, she shouldn't have to hear this. She held Leah tighter.
Suddenly, the door flung open. Pearl's mom stood in the door, her eyes wild. They settled on Pearl.
"Let's go. We're leaving, right now. Grab only what you need." Pearl scrambled up, making sure Leah was alright. She was, but she looked terrified.
"Mom, we can't-" The sentence got cut off abruptly, when her mom backhanded her, sending her reeling. Her sight went fuzzy, and she was dimly aware of Leah screaming as she hit the ground.
"Don't argue! Pack, we're going!" She stormed out of the room, and Pearl heard her dad screaming again. 
She turned to Leah, knowing she wasn't a pretty sight right now. She'd already had a black eye, and her mom wore a ring on her right hand, the one she hit with. She coudl feel the blood running down her cheek.
"Leah, I have to go. Be good, alright? I'll be home, soon as possible." She pulled her sister in, and felt her hug tight.
"Why do you go with her? She's awful. Stay here with me n Dad."
"Dad and I," Pearl corrected, automatically, "and you know why. Mom needs me. I've never gotten along with Dad, anyway." She pulled away, and statred grabbing the emergency bag she kept, knowing she'd have to leave in a hurry, one day. She saw Leah give her a resentful look, out of the corner of her eye, before her mom came back in, and grabbed Pearl's arm, dragging her out, probably leaving bruises.
It hadn't always been like this. Her house had been safe, happy, a good place. But, one day, she wasn't sure what changed, but they started fighting, all the time. She wanted to go to the institute, but decided against it, not wanting to leave her sister in this mess.
"Mom, let me drive. You can't drive like this, and you know it." Pearl took the keys from her mom. That was another thing, when the fighting started, Pearl had learned how to drive, and fast. Her mom couldn't drive angry.
"Fine. Fine! Just one more thing I can't do. At least you're not useless as your father." Her mom said, climbing into the passenger side, and slamming the door.
"Where are we going, mom?" Pearl asked, trying not to make any sudden movements.
"The hotel. The usual hotel."
Pearl started the car, and started driving. Her mom started talking, talking about her father, how awful a person he was. The talking turned to screaming. The screaming turned to sobbing.
 Pearl just listened. She was sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green, when it happened. A huge truck, it came out of nowhere, and slammed into the passenger side of the car. Pearl jolted to the side, her head slamming into the passenger window. Her vision went fuzzy, and everything started coming in flashes. Red and blue lights. The inside of an ambulance. The white hospital halls. She came to in a hospital bed, Leah in a chair by the bed, obviously recently crying.
"Leah? What are you doing here?" she asked, her voice cracking.
Leah jumped, and turned around. She looked like she wanted to hug Pearl, but held back.
"I have something to tell you." Leah looked nervous.
"What is it?" Pearl said, alert.
"Mom. She... She didn't make it. The truck hit her, and it broke all of her right side. The bones punctured her lungs, and killed her almost instantly." Leah was crying again. Pearl felt like she'd been slapped.
"Her right side. Like she was sitting passenger. Like you were driving. Why were you driving, Pearl?" Leah looked crushed. 
"I-" She couldn't get the words out.
"You killed her. You were driving, and you killed her. This is your fault!" Leah's voice suddenly rose to a shriek.
"Leah, please! I-"
"No. No, I don't want to hear it! I don't care! I never want to see you again!" At that Leah ran out of the room. 
Pearl didn't see her sister again. When she was released from the hospital, she went to the Institute, praying she'd be welcome there.
The memory stopped, when Pearl opened her eyes, gasping for breath, tearing at the sheets. She tried to suck down air, glancing at the clock. 6 a.m. She knew she ought to try to get back to sleep, but didn't think she could. She got up, and looked in the mirror. She groaned, dropping her head, and rubbing her eyes. Good thing she'd gotten up early. She looked like she'd been fighting demons in her sleep. She glanced at her arms to see long red welts criss crossing her arms, where she'd torn at them. She was glad she'd sound proofed her room. She'd been screaming all night, and she knew it, her throat was so raw. Long sleeves it was. Good thing it was cold, she could wear long sleeves. Dimitri wouldn't notice the scratches. Makeup could hide everything else. But, she'd need to spend some serious time with the straightner to fix the rats nest on her head. She took a shower and did her make up, making it look like she wasn't wearing any, so no one would notice. They got curious when they noticed, she never wore make up.
When she was done, she looked presentable, and it was seven thirty.
She plopped on the bed, and turned on the surround sound, blaring Styx, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, and several other choice bands, hoping to clear her mind with the bass beat.
What seemed like a short time later, there was a knock on the door, she barely heard.
"It's open!" She called, checking the clock. 8 o clock sharp. Dimitri, it had to be.
The door opened, and she rolled off the bed. He raised an eyebrow, taking in the music. Lips of an Angel, by Hinder was playing right now. She grimaced, and hit the pause button. He said something, she wasn't sure what.
"You're going to have to speak up, I can't hear anything right now." Pearl said.
"I said, are you ready to go." Dimitri grinned at her. 
"Oh, yeah. Of course." Pearl smiled back, and walked towards the door. He got there first, and held it open for her. She glanced sideways at him, and strut through the open door. She was trying to look regal, like those princesses in movies. She was sure she would've pulled it off if she hadn't tripped over a piece of carpet, and face planted into the ground.
She heard Dimitri roaring with laughter behind her, and she rolled over onto her back.
"Oh, you think that's funny?" She asked, grinning from ear to ear.
"Hell yes I do!" He said, still gasping for breath between laughs.
"Maybe you'd like to have a trip like that too, then." She said, before she caught his ankle, and pulled it out from under him. He looked startled, and fell very ungracefully, sqwuaking like a duck as he fell.
This time, Pearl was laughing. Her stomach started hurting, as Dimitri protested the unfairness of what just happened.
"Whatever, it was funny, and you know it." She said, still giggling. She stood up, and helped Dimitri up.
He offered her his arm, with a bow.
"My lady?" He said, and Pearl giggled, a very un-Pearl-like sound, as she took his arm. They walked together, through the halls.
"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz..." Pearl muttered, skipping slightly.
"Well, Dorothy, we must not be in Kansas anymore. Do you ever wonder what Toto would've said to her, if he could talk?" Dimitri asked, sounding completely serious.
Pearl burst out laughing again, she couldn't help it. She'd never laughed so much in such a short amount of time, before. He opened the Institute door, and moved to let her walk through.
"Don't trip!" He said, and she turned and shoved him out the door before her.
"Seriously, what do you think?" Dimitri asked.
"Well, I don't know about Toto, but I'd call her a dumbass. Like, really, "We're not in Kansas anymore!" Well, no shit sherlock, I never would've guessed!" Pearl said. "Where are we going?" she asked.
"I never liked her anyway, she always seemed so stupid. And, just around the corner, the coffee shop isn't far." He said.
"Alright, sounds good. So, how'd you sleep?" She asked, for conversation. Her mind had wandered back to this morning's nightmare/memory.
"Like a log. Seriously. All stiff and log-like. If there had been a lumberjack, I'd be in two pieces right now." Dimitri said, smiling again. They reached the coffee shop, and this time, Pearl opened the door.
"What about you?" he asked. He actually sounded interested.
"I think I'd still be in one piece. I slept like a baby." She said. Not a lie, babies didn't sleep through the night. 
"Fantastic. How do you take your coffee?" he asked.
"Black, like my soul, but with lots of sugar, so it's sweet like my personality." She said with a wink, and she went to sit down when her phone rang.
She flipped it open. "S&M strippers, how may I help you?" she asked, watching Dimitri still. He was awfully cute. And even through the hoodie he was wearing, she could see the muscle tone.
"Pearl, where are you? Is bike boy with you?" It was Ruby, she sounded almost urgent.
"I'm at the bottom of a well, looking up. Bike boy is busy being eaten by the shark making circles around the small island I'm currently standing on." Pearl replied, only kind of paying attention.
"Fantastic. Pull Bike Boy out of the shark and climb out of the well. We all have to talk this morning." Ruby said.
Pearl groaned. "Seriously Ruby? Why? Why do you have to ruin all my dates?" but it was too late. Ruby was already gone.
She sighed, as Dimitri walked up.
"Who was that?" Dimitri asked.
"Ruby. Grab a couple to go cups, we have to go back. Ruby said we have to talk." Pearl looked at him, and saw the disappointment in her eyes reflected in his, which were currently blue.
Such a pretty colour, she thought. What was she supposed to be doing...? She couldn't remember, for some reason.
Dimitri cleared his throat. "We should probably be going, then." Dimitri said. Pearl realized she'd been staring, and felt a blush start to creep into her cheeks.
"Yeah, you're- You're right." She stood up, and almost knocked over her coffee. As it was, she knocked over the chair, and jumped backward, right into him. She turned around, very aware of how close she was to him. She looked up, and before she knew what was going on, he kissed her. Her brain went into shock for a moment, before she kissed him back. She had to stand up on her tippy toes, but that was alright. Her head started spinning, and she smiled, effectively cutting off the kiss.
"By the way, that's the reason I wanted to have breakfast with you, this morning." He said, his voice slightly off.
"We should do this again." Pearl said, and mentall winced at how her voice cracked.
"Agreed." He stepped away, and took her hand. They started walking, when he stopped.
"What?" she asked.
"The chair. You knocked the chair over, and you were going to leave it. God, Pearl, I thought you were better than that." he said, shaking his head, but his eyes were a bright green now. She grinned.
"I guess you don't know me that well."
"I intend to change that." He said, smiling happily at her. He took her hand again, and they walked back to the institute.
By the time they got back, Pearl had almost completely forgot about Leah, her parents, and the whole mess she was returning to.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:49 am

Stephen was going to kill that kid when he got home. He swore he wouldn't but, oh man he warned him but, that son of a bitch didn't listen. I told you stay away from Ruby and Pearl. But, he didn't and once Stephen got angry... he lost all of his control. 

Thus leading Ruby to tie him to a chair. Which he also didn't like. 

"Untie me."


"Untie me."

She didn't respond back knowing it would be best for him to be tied up during this conversation. Better yet, she drew the soundless rune on him to keep him quiet as well. He looked pissed with her but, oh well! He'll have to deal with it whether he likes it or not.

The two would be home any minute each second that past by she became more worried and unsettled. She took the hint that this conversation would have one turn and it would be an ugly one. 

She heard footsteps and as soon as the door opened she stared at them looking so happy and carefree... I wish I could remember those days. Sadly there weren’t many of them. 

"Could you guys please sit? I have a lot I need to say." Ruby asked them nicely. Concern shot through Pearl's eyes and this time was the first time Ruby saw that. It was too late to run off again. Pearl was as fast as her when it came to running... but, swimming Ruby beat her by far. Sadly there was no ocean, no lake, no body of water she could escape to. 

You can do this. Tell them... EVERYTHING.  

Ruby rubbed her neck nervously, “I haven't been completely honest with you all... I am adopted. My father disappeared on my mother and I when I was too young. At age thirteen I was taken from my mother because she drank more than bothered to care about me. Mr. Smith had trained me and taken me in until age 16. He was killed by a warlock-"

"Oh this explains why you hate me so much." Dimitri grinned.

"Oh yea? Want to know what else this explains? How much I can't stand your kind. They sicken me and everyone of them in sight I just want to devour their livers for dinner. But, I held back on those dark urges and let you live."

"Oh brother, how are you still alive? With a way of words like that you practically asking to be kill you." Dimitri rolled his eyes. 

"You're just like you father. A pig. A heart breaker. A guy who doesn't a fuck about feelings. All you want to do is have your way with Pearl and leave. I must say though, you're a sucker for sweet girls. I bet you have had many sweet girls before. Well guess what? Pearl knows better." Ruby snapped. "Oh by the way I can see behind your glamour Dimitri and you don't have me fooled in the slightest." 

"Don't you dare compare me to my father. For your information I actually care for Pearl. You're just jealous because she's with me. Who do you think I am?! I wouldn't dare hurt her. You have no right to accuse me of something I'm not Ruby." Dimitri replied while jumping out of his seat. 

He's defending Pearl... it's has became something. Yet Pearl remains quiet... probably in shock. "Well let's see, you're a warlock just like him. You like to raise your voice, just like him and oh! Don’t forget you share the same magic." Ruby clutched her first, it's not the ugly turn yet. "You sure you care about just Pearl? I mean after all you weren't training to become buff since that won't be likely to happen. You wanted to help them. You wanted to save me." 

Stephen moving the chair trying his best to get closer to Dimitri. I may be soundless but, not weaponless. He was about reach Dimitri but, Ruby had taken a seat on his lap causing to stay on one place.

"Now back to where I was. Oh jealous you say? I see nothing in you worth marveling over. You're not my type. Take no offense because I'm sure you prefer sweet over bitter." Ruby sighed,"Oh but wait! I have this story to tell you. Well actually it's not much of a story. It's a living nightmare for me. I told your father we're dating. Oh! I also said you're deeply in love with me since I'm your first and only love. Looks like you're little thing with Pearl will have to be hidden."

"I won't have to hide anything. If anything is going to hide it will be you." 

"Oh? Is that so? If your father doesn't see you with me. He'll not only kill me but your sister, Amari too. I mean come on you just meet her... she's your only true family left. Please tell me you've taken acting classes because right now you don't look in love with me. Instead you look like you want to kill me." No joke there because it's true. He's destined to kill me someday. "How about we turn that into something more passionate? yes? Because if you don't I'm a dead women and you don't want to be responsible for this body now do you?"

Dimitri was complete flabbergasted he didn't know what to say at first. But, then it clicked. She deserves to be hurt... Doesn't she see that Pearl is hurting? "Are you threatening me? You think you're so great because we're pretend dating? I now have to worry about your life on the line and my sister's? Well guess what Ruby you got to do better than that to get me to play your petty little games."

"Why does everyone think I play games?" Ruby mumbled to herself before tuning back in to what Dimitri was telling her. 

"You're being so selfish to your friend's happiness. This won't protect her instead it hurts Pearl instead. Dating you or not my father won't kill his daughter."

"Richard isn't her real father. Nor is her yours. He just raised you bike boy." Ruby shrugged her shoulders not caring if he didn't believe it. 

"Ugh! You know what?! You are mistaken to think I'll save your sorry ass after you threaten me." Dimitri's eyes were full blood shot red. They meant he was angry. 

Ruby stared the straight on not intimated by the angry but fearful of how much he is like him."You sound just like him... you're dad. 2 years ago he threatened to end my life. Well actually his son would be sent to kill me. I couldn't sleep or eat. I was too scared to step foot out of the house. When I found out you were his son I wanted to kill you first.. But I didn't. I didn't because I care about Pearl's feelings actually. I saw how she looked at you. It's been forever since she looked happy. If you ruin her, I'm hunting you down. And if we ever cross paths again. KILL ME. End this torturous game." Ruby tried to blink to tears away but, they fell slowly like snowflakes. "I need to get out of here. Richard is still after me. I'm in the mood for a game of cat and mouse. By the time he catches me I'll give him that fight I've been dying to have before I died. Take care of Amari. Tell her she can have my room..." Ruby got up from Stephen's lap and headed for the door. "However I will stay if you kiss me Dimitri." All eyes in the room turned to him except for hers. Let's see what happens.

"I can't do that to Pearl, Ruby. I swear I'm not out to kill you. I'll even talk to my father about it. You don't have to leave... what about Stephen? You're just going to leave him? Just stay so we can talk about this."

"Don't talk to Richard. He isn't the man you think he is. While Stephen to me is another pretty face. I've meet many Stephen's all of them wanting to tie me down, get me to trust them. I don't do both. You see, I'm not the commitment type.  Hence why I don't have a parabatai.” Ruby then laughed "Oh. I knew you weren't going to kiss me since you're scared you might actually end up liking a girl like me. That is pretty scary but Stephen makes it look fearless." That comment made Stephen raise his eyebrow

Pearl busted into laughter while everyone else looked at her questionably. "What? This is why I get Ruby. We have nothing to worry about Dimitri. Ruby isn't the wreck a relationship type. We're going to be okay. I am actually glad you got her mad. That's the most I ever heard come out about her past. For once I don't feel like there's this wall there Ruby." 

"There's always a wall." Ruby told her.

"Yet you're letting it down. Why?"

"I need you guys to trust me and know I'm not drunk. But, I'm a part of this experiment and I'm supposed to be leading unknown things and Ruby is much more than a name... just as the birthmark on my right shoulder is important. Those who bare the same mark I do are also involved in this experiment."

"You sound like a crazy lunatic." Stephen replied.

"Great the bloody rune wore off!" She face palmed her head.

Then the two girls missing from the room joined them but it was Leah who spoke up first, “No she's right. Ruby is sane. Look we all have that mark." Leah pulled down her sleeve to show the group.

Then to everyone’s surprise so did Amari. 

Two? How many more? Ruby checked Stephen’s shoulder. There was that mark she had. Then Pearl look to Dimitri’s and the mark was there…

“There’s only the 6 of us in this experiment. Now Ruby, you should know what we should do now.” Leah said.

“We need to visit the only person I know would know anything about this mark we all have… We need to go to Richard.” Ruby gripped her arm tightly not wanting to go back or be anywhere near him. But, something in her made her say that… this made her feel uneasy. 

Let the games begin Ruby. A whisper that was intended for her to hear whisked through the air around Ruby. This is getting too creepy. But, that something made her want to go deeper until she found what she’s looking for. Ruby looked to Dimitri,” You must know you destined to kill me whether you want to believe it or not. That’s your purpose. Mine is too lead an unknown force. I don’t know about you but fate is something that can’t be ignored.” Stephen intertwined his fingers through hers and gave a reassuringly squeeze.

“You’re not in this alone. I’ll protect you Ruby.” He flashed a flirty smile.

Ruby pulled her hand away and slapped him, “I can protect my damn self. Worry about your parabatai and her boyfriend. They’re your concern.” She snapped before leaving the room with Leah.

“Tough love.” He sighed before going after her.

Amari looked to her brother,” We are going to see him… he’ll know it was all a lie once he sees you with Pearl… Unless you act like you are dating her… Please make the right decision brother. We’re leaving in 1 hour.” She had heard the whole thing but, was waiting with Leah for the right time to join them. Right now she was worried for Ruby… She had risked her life to save hers… She would hate to see her savior die. But, she needed Dimitri to see Richard for who he really is. There would be no more glamours but the truth. 

Sadly the truth isn't a pretty thing to look at. 

But it would answer that question to what this experiment is.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by MyNameIsAlan on Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:52 pm

Just when things were going well, there's always something that has to ruin my day, Dimitri thought to himself. 

The brilliant morning sunlight hung over the institute, lighting up the inside of his room. His bed was still a mess and clothes were laid around the floor. Dimitri changed into something more appropriate just in case any fights breakout but knowing that Ruby is tagging along it'll most likely happen. While changing he wondered about who his real parents are and how could this Amari girl abruptly come into his life as his sister without any warning. Thinking about how he's been lied to his whole life made his stomach churned. 

I wonder what kind of history my father has with Ruby. I'll show her, he isn't all that of an evil guy. I'm sure he won't do anything to hurt Amari. She doesn't know what she's talking about, Dimtri trying to convince himself.

After appropriately changing to the fitting attire he left the room. Checking his watch he realized he still had 45 minutes left on his hand. Hmm, what shall I do? Oh! I know. While walking he decided to take a quick visit to Pearl's room. 

Gently knocking on the door Dimitri called out, "Are you changing?! If so, I'm coming in."

Without any further warning he walked inside. The room still looked the same as last night, much cleaner compared to his. Watching her trying to put on a necklace he walked over and assisted without asking. 

"Thanks," Pearl said.

"No problem. Was kind of hoping you were changing in more of a revealing way but I guess the neck is pretty satisfying enough."

"Now Dimitri that's not very gentleman like," Pearl said smiling. 

"Yeah well I like to be a bad boy," smirking he walked over to a chair and sat down. 

"As much as I like boys who are bad, I don't think Ruby and Stephen would really approve me of being with someone like that," she reminded him.

"Oh yeah huh, they'd probably disembodie me and feed it to vicious tigers or something," Dimtiri said in a joking way.

"That's not even over exaggerating. I'll probably never be able to have a boyfriend because of them."

"Well I'm not that easily intimidated. Besides, don't listen to what Ruby says. I'm not that type of guy who hurts people," Dimitri turning serious. 

"I know, I believe you. She's just trying to protect me that's all."

"More like trying to make me miserable."

Checking his watch he realized it was almost time to leave. He stood up and opened the door.

"Alright Pearl it's time to go to hell. Will you follow me in journey?"

She smiled and replied, "Of course Dimitri, I was bound to go there sooner or later. It wouldn't hurt to have you along."

Pearl exited the room and he followed after taking one last look at her room. For some reason he begin to feel nervous and anxious about what going to happen once they get there. Trying not to let it get to him he focused on Pearl instead. 

"I'm sorry about such a short date this morning. After this whole mess is fixed we'll go out on a relaxing dinner."

"That sounds promising. I'm looking forward to it," she replied. 

After walking for some while they met up with everybody. Stephen was laying on the couch resting his eyes. Amari and Leah were sitting down on the chairs showing a slight hint of nervousness. And then there's Ruby who's just standing by the door looking like she's ready to take down a take. 

"There you guys are, what took you so long? Did you two made out for like 10 minutes or something," Ruby said impatiently. 

"Are you sure it was just making out," Dimitri said with a smirk. 

Pearl elbowed him in the stomach and walked towards Ruby.

"I'm sorry about that. I was debating on what to wear," Pearl said.

"Well that's fine. Everybody is here now anyway. We can leave now."

"If we're going to leave and this will probably going to turn into a huge big mess, can I get the key to my bike before you die?"

"Nope. As punishment for not kissing me I'm going to keep it for a little while longer. Now let's get going!"

"That is so cruel. Why are you in such a hurry? We still got like a couple of more minutes. Why not spend it sleeping like Stephen over there," Dimtiri said.

"I agree. Why don't you come over here and lay with me Ruby," Stephen jumping into the conversation.

"In your dreams pretty boy. And as for being in a hurry I just want to go show you the truth about everything so you can wake up from that little perfect world of yours," Ruby said. 

"You just love to make me miserable don't you?"

"It's my specialty bike boy," Ruby smiled.

It was time to go take a trip to visit his warlock father, something now that he realized he really dread for. Everyone got inside an SUV since there isn't enough room for everybody to fit inside the other car. Stephen got in the driver seat and Ruby hopped in the front passenger side. The four girls got in the backseat leaving Dimitri to get in last. Dimitri stopped and admired the car for few minutes; a 2014 silver moon colored Acura MDX. 

Finally, he got inside and buckled up. The engine roared to life and they begin driving to his house, the place where he grew up, the place where he lived a lie. With each distance closing in, the nervous feeling churning in his stomach grew more twisted, awaiting an unpredictable event in front of his doorstep.

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Not What it Seems - Page 2 Empty Re: Not What it Seems

Post by Captain Rose on Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:14 pm

I'm not quite sure any of you know how it feels to be me. I am about to go face to face with the man who's hunting me down. Not only that, Harmony is blowing up my phone threatening me   to get everyone to come back to the institute. But, I can't do that. I have to go to him, Richard.

But, what I want is to get out of this before it ends too badly for me. Maybe I am selfish because right now all I care about is saving my own ass. That man can't be trusted but, he has answers. I don't know why all of sudden I know that but I do. He holds the information which I need to have. Which means in order to get it; I need to behave, play it cool and try not to get killed

But, he wants to kill me. Maybe draw out that knife from before and slice into my skin; drain me off all my blood. Then cut off all the major muscles from my bones and eat them for dinner. He would be savoring the victory and be gloating to all his buddies about killing the shadow hunter who killed his demons. Then perhaps my friends would avenge my death.

Yet they couldn't risk their own lives for mine. That would just be pure stupidity. From what I know of them they were smarter to not attack without a well thought out plan and escape route if need be. What troubles me the most is the thought that we were suppose to meet for a purpose, not as a coincidence.  

The experiment was started for a reason. Each of us come from different backgrounds, different lives but we're all connected by this birthmark given to us by the shadow figure. We all at some point have been hurt by the people we thought loved us. Yet, something tells me that was all a part of the experiment or parts of it were. We all had to meet at some point. We were supposed to come together for whatever the purpose of the experiment. Leah knew it before I did though. That's why she came back. She also knows my role in this.

"Stop the car Stephen!" I hissed at Stephen.

"What? Wh-" But, before he could finish Ruby had taken off her seat belt and opened the door next about to leap. Which made him stop the car before she could.

"Great. Now before this car gets anywhere near that damn house. I want answers." I looked into the back seat directly at Leah.

"You aren't the only one Ruby. Look I told you what I know. If we go to Mr. Williams’s house he'll give us answers we want." She glared right back at her.

"You guys are all sure he's the guy he thinks he is, aren't you? Kind and sweet? Baking cookies for the homeless? Well guess what! He isn't, he's a cold heartless killer. He will use whoever he wants to make sure he gets what he wants. I've seen this side of him. Since it tried to kill me!"

"Ruby, calm down. I swear I won't let him touch you." Stephen interjected into the conversation between Leah and I.

"Yea? What if I let him?" I smirked shaking my head. The car grew silent which made the car feel like a trap. Don't worry. If you play along it won't be so bad, Ruby. I expect great things from you.

"I'm scared." I blurted out and forced tears to run down my cheeks. Is this what the creepy voice wants? Or does it want a show?

Stephen reached over and pulled me to his lap. The thought was nice. He truly wanted to help me and it felt sincere. After all he does care about me. Well maybe I should too.

He locked his dark brown eyes on my blue ones and inside me something stirred. Maybe it was disgust or guilt but, maybe deep down I felt something for him too. Which is what caused me to kiss him. Or perhaps it was because I had other motives that I kissed him.

He kissed me back though not wasting any time to pull me closer to him. For him it must have been dreams come true. Finally he got out of the friend zone. But, for me I-I honestly didn't know. It felt right... the way his lips felt against mine so tender and kind. But, that went away and turned into one with more pressure and lip biting. Man... I had no idea he could kiss like this...

Then someone coughed which brought Stephen back to reality as he shoved me back to my seat. I didn't bother to glare back to know who did. "Don't be so jealous Dimitri. You have Pearl to have hot steamy kisses like that with."

To my surprise he didn't respond. But, looking in the rear view mirror his red eyes were staring straight at me. I wonder if he hates me. There’s no way in hell he’d be jealous over witnessing that. I thought to myself as Stephen started the car back up and drove to Dimitri’s house. The whole ride there I drew all the runes I could think of all over my body. I needed to be able to protect myself this time.

The car came to a stop in front of the house Amari and Ruby were just in yesterday. The window still has yet to be repaired. Not that Ruby cared but, that meant he wanted her to know that their hate ran deep. Deeper then glass could ever cut into skin. How charming. Everyone else was eating at the silence knowing that once we all walked through those doors it would be nothing but, loud.
Dimitri pulled out his keys to the house while everyone followed in suit. But, as soon as they reached the door Richard opened it. “I’ve been expecting you all. Come inside if you will.” Then he turned on his heals to lead us all into the living room.  Everyone took a seat except for Ruby wanting to make a statement.

The tension in the room became stronger as soon as Ruby set her eyes on Richard, who was also not in a sit. “Take a sit Miss Blackthorn.” Richard urged her.

Ruby rolled her eyes as his comment before replying, “Or else what Mr. William because I rather stand.”

“Ruby please just sit-down. He won’t hurt you. I’ve known him most my life he wouldn’t hurt people I care about.” Dimitri reassured her sitting on the couch with his arm draped on the arm rest. Next to him was Pearl while sitting next to her was Leah.  

“You and I both know that’s not true. He tried to kill me earlier. Your sister can vouch for that.” I’ll leave him to think what else I meant not being true. He could give a rat ass about me.

Dimitri rubbed his forehead knowing she was right. Though he didn’t want to admit she was. “Father, could you promise me during this visit you won’t bring harm to Ruby?”

“Of course son she just needs to sit down before I can begin.” His eyes were filled with anger from yesterday but he would let it go for now.  Later, however was a different matter entirely. However after hearing his promise Ruby did end up cautiously taking a seat in one of the open chairs.

“Alright, I’ve known about you all for quite awhile but, don’t get freaked. I’ve kept an eye on you to keep you all safe. That reason being you all a very special. The marks on your back connect you to the greatest experiment alive, Dimidium Sanguine meaning half bloods. You all carry blood from another species all except for Dimitri since he is a full blooded warlock. For the rest of you that can explain the missing parent from your life. They are the other half of you.  The half you are now ready to expose. I’m here to make sure the other half of exposes itself so you all can be your true self, a half blood. Back in the 50s, your kind was thriving and surviving until a terrible war came killing off all those that were half bloods. The thing about half bloods is that they were stronger in their own sense and very different from the norm.  There were firm believers back then that if you didn't fit in, you would be killed. But, now in the current time everyone is much more excepting of others so, it’s the perfect timing for half bloods to come back in our world. Half blood should have never been extinct for they truly keep the balance between mundane and everyone else in our world. They were known as peacemakers and made it safer for humans live with downworlders so they wouldn't have to hide. The downworlders brought no harm but, that all changed when some started to stray away from their beliefs to dark ones. They saw half bloods as an obstacle from having the human race to themselves.  And from there you get the idea.”

“They were killed off… but what stop them from having the entire humans race to feast on?” Amari questioned.

“The Seelie Queen. She showed every supernatural being in our world the future if they were to kill off all the humans. The Earth was drier then a Sahara dessert, trees were limp like noodles and everyone that was left killing each other off to survive but in the end everyone died. Anyways back to the half bloods. This experiment is almost complete; you just need to awaken your other half.”

“How are we supposed to do that?” Stephen asked.

“Well, I ask that you will stay in my home with me so we can figure it out together. I wasn’t there for the part where you all were conceived so I don’t know who is what myself; but, I do know one of you is: half vampire, half werewolf, half fae, half demon and half angel. Once we figure that part out I can tell you who is your missing parent is.”

Everyone in the room was quite trying to think of what would be the best option to do at this point. There wasn’t much to consider though. We all were curious to know about the one person in our life that disappeared on us.

“That doesn’t make any sense! My sister killed both of our parents!” Leah blurted out.

Richard grinned, “One wasn’t your real parent at all Leah.” He left that at that knowing if he withheld information they would stay just to get it.

Pearl feeling slightly agitated at Richard for keeping secrets looked to everyone in the room, “We’ll stay but you must give us the answers we are after.”

“Of course dear anything you desire.” He smiled, “Celica! Come take our guests to their ro-“

“This is bullshit. I won’t stay here not in this lifetime.” Ruby hissed, “I got all the answers I was after so I’ll be taking my leave now.” She headed for the door but was stopped by Richard.

“You can’t just leave! Don’t you want to know who your father is?”

“No. He left so he is no longer a part of my life. I plan to have it stay that way too.” Ruby shoved him out of her way before leaving into the night.

Richard looked back to the group who looked distrait,”Don’t worry. She’ll come back.” Then Celica came into the room taking everyone to where they would be resting.
She’ll come back since she cannot escape her fate.

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